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Wednesday, April 29, 2009


"Highway run, into the midnight sun, wheels go round & round"... dang! I miss that song, I haven't heard it in ages... but I'm about to again in the next few weeks... coz Imma be listening to my bro-bro's Journey CD until the..... **drumroll** JOURNEY CONCERT in July... yes!! we are going to see Journey... although I only know like 3 of their songs, I don't care! why?? coz Heart is gon be there too!!! I am so stoked!!! I don't really care for Journey that much coz like I said I only know a few of their songs (Faithfully, which I loooooove, Open Arms & Don't Stop Believin), but I'm curious about kababayan Arnel Pineda(the new lead singer)... I haven't seen/heard him sing since he was recruited to be in the band... nope! I haven't watched him in youtube either... I just wanna see firsthand how good he is... so, we all decided to go see the concert...

since I am jobless & not really doin anything, I volunteered to order all the tickets thinking that there might be a good chance that we get seats next to each other... even though there was a 6 ticket limit, I thought, if we order the tickets right after each transaction, we'll get the same section/row... well, almost a well-thought-of-plan, but I guess it doesn't work that way, the computer will give you the next available seats... I didn't consider the fact that this is Journey & there might be a lot of people purchasing tickets at the same time... the tickets went on sale last week, Thursday, April 23rd at 10 AM (the actual tickets came in the mail today)... I went online 15 minutes prior... I decided to get the first 4 set of tickets for Anwar, Darren, Aaron & Renan using Anwar's credit card, thinking that if something goes wrong I'll be able to call Anwar, get the infos then get on with the next transaction which is for me, Davi, Michelle, Chala, RC & JLu (6 tix)... I got the section right in front of the stage for the first 4 tix, since I needed some more infos from Anwar it took me longer, without realizing that there was a 6 minute allotted for you to get the tix reserved... next thing you know, the tix expired!! darn it!! so I tried reserving the next seats available & they gave us a different section which is located more to the side of the concert hall... mind you, this was within 5-10 minutes after the sale started... I kept trying & I still couldn't get any more seats right in front of the stage... within the 20 minutes, the tickets available are only the ones in the very back... they sold out on the best/most expensive seats pretty quick... there's only one thing I'm sure of, I ain't never gonna do the ordering ever again... it was nerve wracking!!! I was sweatin all kinds... LOL!
anyhow, I got us the seats in section 503
& this is the view from where we're gonna be sitting... not bad!!
I can't wait!!!!! I am super excited!!

here are a few of the songs I know from HEART
What About Love
These Dreams

and from Journey
Don't Stop Believin
Open Arms
Separate Ways

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