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Sunday, April 12, 2009


that's right! my baby is now 3 years old, he doesn't seem to believe so... when I asked him how old Deion is, he said nothin' so I tried to coach him & said, "is Deion 3?" he answered with a big "NO!" & said he is 4... LOL! gosh!! please, not yet! I can't see this one going to school, I mean he is the braver one of the two but it's me, I really don't see myself to easily let go of the fact that he's really growing up... & plus he better get potty trained first before he turns 4... awwwww... my baby... =(

Daddy was too sick to do anything & the friends were not feelin' Japanese (3 of 'em are in LA for the Lakers game, it was the wedding anniversary of the other 2 & 1 is workaholic... yes, it is you! you know who you are!! LOL!!)... so I just decided to order for pick up....

went to our favorite Jap resto in town - Atari-Ya... ordered the Nigiri Sushi A for Davi
some Crunchy Calamari Roll for moi
& the Tonkatsu/Tempura combo for the kiddies

our friend Keiko(the owner) was very nice to add a couple of YanYans for the monsters... she's super sweet! she's always hookin us up... one time she gave me some chopstix that has pretty Japanese designs on 'em... when I refused to take 'em... she insisted & said, "prrreease take it, coz I reerry reerry ryk you!!"... awww... but when I went back to buy Davi one, she let me pay for it... LOL! she's so cute!! check them out at ... you'll also see Davi's long lost fa-jah - Yuki(the executive sushi chef)!! LOL!! just messin... they do resemble each other though... go see for yourself....

I heart Atari-Ya! they are the best!!!!!!


  1. Naks. Pagdating ko na ang pa bertday sa dalawa neh..

    Yeah, I has craving for sushi for a long time now, sabi ko nga sa akin, yayain kita pag balik ko dun, tsaka King Falafel. wahaha pig out muna.

    I always plan to go here and try one but no time. (wala pa kasing drivers license atm kaya) Lalo na ngayong holy week..

    am still looking forward for the bbq y'know.

  2. ooohh, sushi! we 'RUB' sushi! LOL!

  3. yes yes, i know it's me. no need to point fingers ;]


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