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Thursday, April 9, 2009


their favorite SpiderMan pose

my babies are getting big.... =(... Devean turned 5 last Sunday, the 5th & Deion is turning 3 next Sunday, the 12th... yes, their birthdays are exactly 2 years & a week apart... that's what you call perfect timing... **wink**... shaooo!! LOL!

to celebrate their birthdays, we had a little BBQ at the house last Saturday, the 4th... since my family is still in the Philippines, we just had a little get together with friends... I marinated chicken thighs & tri tip & the baby daddy barbecued... I also made some Strawberry Jello Pretzel dessert which is the bombeezel... LOL! & some Carbonara (white spaghetti) which was also, I think you already know what! LOL! I hate to brag but I do make a mean Carbonara... Ninang Michelle brought a gigantic tray of Spaghetti (not in any of the pix)... she must've thought we're havin 100 guests... haha... "thanks Mare!"...

here are some pix...

everything was last minute coz we weren't sure if we were gon do it on Saturday or Sunday or just later when my family gets back in town... just had to decorate that cake real quick... just decided to get balloons that same afternoon... although it was just a little get together, it was special coz it was time spent with friends... nax!! poker naaaa!!! LOL!

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