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Friday, October 30, 2009


yay!! is all I can say.... hahaha... I am so happy with this haul... this is probably the best package I've ever gotten from Sephora... I feel so loved right now... loved by my self that is... LOL...
this is everything I got including the samples
the Imju Fiberwig.... this is my most fave... ohhh... I am soooo stoked!! can't wait to try this out... am I really finally gonna say goodbye to false eyelashes??
Make Up For Ever(MUFE) Mat Velvet + Matifying Foundation in #40... I just kinda guessed my shade so we'll see what happens... I was confident about this one but I could be wrong... I'm lucky Sephora is very kind about returns... I just couldn't pass up the 20% discount ya know!
Aquolina Pink Sugar Hair Perfume... just need it for my locks down there.... LOL... I'm playin!! sorry for being nasteehhhhh.... hahaha....

ohhhh.... drum roll for this one please...

the URBAN DECAY Book of Shadows Palette Vol. II
this is how it looks like inside... I must say I like the Vol. I's packaging better, eventhough there's really no use for it....
& here are the colors up close.... so many nice colors.... I've heard that the color pay off is great, I couldn't say for my self coz I haven't even swiped my fingers on 'em yet... I couldn't get my self to do it coz I'm a dork like that... hahaha.... what I love about this palette compared to the first one is that they included 2 - 24/7 Glide On Eye Pencils in Zero(black) & Bourbon(brown) in place of the travel size brushes(which nobody ever uses probably)... I don't own any of the 24/7 e/l pencils yet, & that's one of the reasons why I bought this palette.. & one other reason is because I'm running low on Primer Potion... LOL... perfect buy right?!
this is the back side of the packaging... very cute right?!
I got the Kat Von D Rock n Roll Eyeshadow Palette as a perk for accumulating millions of Beauty Insider points... basically their way of saying "thank you for spending all your money on us.. & now you're broke!"... LOL... I'm not so fond of this one, their just colors that I already have... but hey if it's free I ain't complaining... LOL
and Sephora's present to the birthday girl... woot!! the Super Shimmer Lip Gloss Set in Precious Pink, Rosy Glow & Bronzed Beauty...
and the 3 piece sample...
Anastasia Brow Powder Duo (Ash Blonde & Brunette)
DKNY Be Delicious Perfume
Dr. Brandt Pores No More Vacuum Cleaner & Pore Refiner

plus a Philosophy Purity Facial Cleanser as a 100 point perk again for being a Beauty Insider...

Wednesday, October 28, 2009


I've been wanting to do a look with the pink lips for a while now, I just haven't got the chance to... so I decided to change up the lips to the look I did today when we went to the pumpkin patch...

here is the makeup I wore today... it was more of a simple everyday look... in here I just wore NYX Round Lipstick in THALIA...
here are the products I used for this LOTD with the barbie pink lips... they are numbered based on the order of application...
1) Clinique Moisturizing Gel
2) Aveeno Sunblock Lotion
3) MAC Studio Fix Fluid Foundation ~ NC30
4) Revlon ColorStay Blemish Concealer ~ Light/Medium
5) MAC Studio Sculpt Concealer ~ NC30
6) MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural ~ Medium
9) MAC Fix Plus
7) Cargo Bronzer - Medium-Matte
8) Benefit Coralista
11) Benefit F.Y...Eye!
12) Maybelline NY Expert Wear E/S ~ Chai Latte
13) Stila Kajal E/L ~ Onyx
14) MAC Eyeshadow ~ Star by Night
15) L'Oreal Double Extend ~ Black
16) Milani Brow Kit ~ Medium
10) Carmex Lip Moisturizer ~ Cherry
17) NYX Lip Pencil ~ Natural
18) NYX Round Lipstick ~ Strawberry Milk
19) L'Oreal HiP Jelly Balm ~ Succulent

a little pic heavy

"I like them biggg... I like them plumpeehhhh"
Moto Moto singing to Gloria
in Madagascar: Escape to Africa

pink lippie really does give you that big, fat, plumped lip effect... it makes you look totally different... just compare the picture where I was wearing the Thalia lipstick & the picture where I used the Strawberry Milk... just by changing one element make it seems like they were two different looks...


it was my lil man's first school trip today... they went to the Avila Valley Barn to pick pumpkins, ride the tractor, pick apples & feed the barn animals.... it was fun!! it was cool seeing my son interacting with other kids & just doing cool stuff on his own... without us... **sniff** my baby is growing up... oh darn! next thing you know he's not gonna let me kiss him anymore... **sobs**

here are some of the pics...

"yes Deion I know you like my DSK Bubbi necklace!!..." LOL
Deion feeding the goat...

got a shot of him getting on the bus... his first bus ride...
I even asked the teacher for permission to get on the bus just to take a picture... I am the biggest stage Mom, I know!
we went back to the store coz mother wanted to get some fresh vegetables/fruits & stuff... here is me & Deion camwhorin, or atleast just me... he was so not in the mood for that coz we just woke him up when we got to the barn...

Tuesday, October 27, 2009


I found this after I ordered some stuff from DSK Jewelry...

so, I ordered some stuff from ... just a few pieces so I can change up the pendants on my necklaces.... thank you for the tip RubyChopsticks!!! this will save me a lot of money... no offense to DSK, your pieces are awesome but if I can save money on the same thing, then I'm all for that...

I will post pictures as soon as I receive my order...

Monday, October 26, 2009


presenting the new addition to the family...

my own Chucks....
yes, I finally got my own, since I was the only one who didn't own one... I used to have a red one from back in high school, but I don't know what happened to it... I'm pretty sure it's just in the garage somewhere... one of these days I'm gonna go hunt for it coz I know I can still wear it.. I'm sure it's still in pretty good shape coz I'm really good with caring for my shoes like that...
Deion's red & black high top ones (previously Devean's) just recently got handed down to their 21 month old cousin-Aidann... so to complete the whole family, we have to get Deion one too... hahaha... yeah yeah we're a family of cornies... LOL
from L-R Devean's, Mommy's (size 2.5 kids.. don't be makin fun of my tiny feet!! LOL), Daddy's black, then navy blue....

I'm adding baby blue on my wish list...

Saturday, October 24, 2009


did some shopping at DSK Jewelry, Pretty&Cute & Sephora this weekend & now I am in need of major damage control!! ahhhh... I need help!!
I have a very good excuse why I bought some stuff from Sephora though (from the other sites, I just had to scratch the itch... LOL)... Sephora is having their annual 'Friends & Family Sale' (PROMO CODE: "FF2009")... where you get 20% discount off your purchase from October 19th thru November 2nd... so I decided to do some birthday shopping...

stay tuned for posts on my latest hauls....


My DSK order arrived today, & I must say I'm impressed with the shipping time... it only took 2 business days for it to get to me...

however, I was kinda disappointed because I was sent one wrong item (please refer to my first DSK post for my original order)... I ordered the Swarovski Jet & Titanic but they sent me the Bubbi necklace instead, which I decided to keep coz this piece is purrrdy...

also, I ordered the Edward & Bella "I Belong with You" necklace thinking that it was in a gold chain, but it was actually in a silver one... I guess it just looked like it was gold in the picture, atleast to me it did... & that was my bad! fortunately, Stephanie was kind enough to accept the returns although per company policy, to returns!

also got these pendants in silver leaf bail...

Amethyst & Red Siam
they came in these cute organza bags

the necklaces came in the cute brown ribbon accented jewelry boxes... she also sent some goodies that my kids enjoyed eating.... I also loved the personalized thank you notes she included...

Friday, October 23, 2009


just wanted to post my experience with Stephanie of DSK Jewelry... we've been emailing each other since last night because I wanted to add some more stuff to my order.... I decided after placing the order yesterday that I really wanted a pink pendant to go with my jet black heart so I can change it up with the titanic charm.... & I also really want the DSK's Triple Heart Necklace & the Vampiress & the Medium Fuchsia Heart & all of her pieces... ahhhh.... so I decided to bug her, & when I said bug, I mean really bugged the heck outta her... I emailed her with all my demanding requests... LOL... I swear I've never emailed someone in my life that much in the span of 24 hours... LOL... but Stephanie is awesome! she was so patient & accommodating to me... she tried to work with me as much as she can... her customer service skills is A plus!!

but unfortunately, the Triple Heart & the Medium Fuchsia Heart are both sold out & will not be available until maybe November... so I did some thinking & decided to buy just the pendants so I can try to customize the pieces that I already bought into different other designs... so I purchased the Swarovski Amethyst Medium Heart on a silver leaf bail(same purplish heart charm on the That's Hott Pegasus Necklace) & the Swarovski Siam Red Small Heart also on a silver leaf bail(like the one on the Vampiress piece)... so with the jet black heart & the red siam I can recreate the Vampiress necklace... then the titanic & the amethyst can kinda look like the Bubbi necklace, not exactly but same idea... and other different pieces... I'll mix them up & take pictures as soon as I get them in the mail... that's what I love about her pieces you can mix em up & create your own version... I love DSK!!!

oh & while I was browsing thru her site last night, I found some more pieces to add to my wish list.... here they are....
oh shit! I think I'm hooked!!

Thursday, October 22, 2009


have you ladies checked out the DSK Jewelry blog site?? if you haven't you are missin out... consider yourself warned -- expect to be droolin on the finest most artistic jewelry designs you'll ever see... & also I gotta warn you, you will be spending money, that is a guarantee... they are so original & unique... & ever since I've seen DSK's designs I've been wanting to get me one.... I actually emailed her(DSK) in September, trying to get price quotes & to see what are available for me... I was gonna get me a piece before my birthday, kind of like a birthday present for my self... heehee... but unfortunately, I got sidetracked on other stuff, I got really busy with a lotta other things....

so finally today I decided to go back to her website not planning on purchasing anything today but just to salivate again & again on her amazing designs... but the inevitable happened.... yes, my vulnerability won! I added all these things on my cart....

and somehow I managed to narrow it down to these 3 pieces coz if I don't I'll be broke for life.... and the winner are......

****all pictures were stolen from, hence the watermark.. LOL... not for resale purposes but just to share with you my DSK wish list.... hehehe... hope you don't get mad Stephanie...****

unfortunately, the DSK's Triple Heart Necklace was Sold Out... what a bummer!! I really like that piece too... but I guess I'll just keep checking on the site.... so, my final purchase ended up to be the DSK's Swarovski Jet & Titanic on Sterling Silver Heart Link Chain & the Edward & Bella "I Belong with You" on Sterling Gold Round Link Chain... honestly, I am not one of the million fans of the Twilight, I mean I liked the movie but I'm just not too crazy about Robert Pattinson, like most girls... I know a lot of you are probably saying "this girl's crazy" right now, but that's just how it is... on the other hand I am in love with the HBO series TRUE BLOOD... I think Bill is the hottest dead man I've ever seen, he old as fudge in the show but he's hot!!... LOL... ok, I went totally out of topic there, but yeah, I got the Edward & Bella piece just coz I wanted to get a piece in a silver chain & one in gold plus I love the "I Belong with You" design, it's one of a kind....

she has a lot of other stuff other than hearts & pegasus, I am just more drawn to these ones.... so definitely check her site out -- DSK JEWELRY

anyhow, that's it for my DSK story for now, I'll definitely save up for the rest of the pieces in my DSK wish list... can't wait til my package from DSK arrives.... I can't waittttt!!!!!

well, later ladies!! I gotta pick up my little man from school....