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Hello fellow makeup junkies!! Welcome to my blog - A Daily Dose of Kaartehan (kaartehan = vanity)... This is my tiny slice of the world wide web where I celebrate being a girl & also where I store my boo-hoos & blah-blahs... I am a mother of 2 awesome boys who loves makeup & anything pretty... I am a certified MUA not MakeUp Artist, but a certified MakeUp Addict... If you are looking for a good read, hence the title of this blog, you are in the wrong place... So get out!! LOL... otherwise, thanks for droppin by & I hope you enjoy my blog!

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Tuesday, December 29, 2009


here are my favorites for the month of December

Make Up For Ever HD Primer - #6
Make Up For Ever HD Foundation - #123
MAC Fix+
Coastal Scents Silica Powder
Nars Bronzing Blush Duo - Orgasm & Laguna

Carmex Lip Balm - Cherry
MAC TLC - Strobe Rays
Rimmel Lipstick - Airy Fairy
L'Oreal Double Extend Tubes Mascara - Blackest Black
L'Oreal De-Crease e/s Base
Revlon Brow Fantasy - Dark Brown
Urban Decay 24/7 e/l - Zero
MAC e/s Suite - Sweet Liaison
Maybelline NY Expert Wear e/s - Amethyst Smokes

Coastal Scents Stippling Brushes

I've been lovin these brushes for foundation application because I feel like they work really well with the MUFE HD foundation that I've been using lately... for some reason the first time I tried these brushes with different foundations, Revlon ColorStay & MAC Studio Fix Fluid to be specific, it just didn't work out that well... I'm thinking these brushes don't really work with liquid foundations that has thicker consistency... it left streaks & dots on my face.... but I did give it another shot & I find it really easy to use with the MUFE HD... it provides even application... gives you that flawless finish... it blends the foundation on your skin really good... they uber soft... I just love it!!! these are only dupes for the MAC 187 brush but I must say, they are really really great dupes... you can probably get 5 of these for the price of 1 MAC 187 brush.. they are really affordable ($7.95+tax each versus $42+tax for the MAC)... however, there is one thing I didn't like about these brushes... I don't like the fact that they shed, majority of the time, it would leave a strand of hair on my face which could get really annoying at times... but other than that, these brushes would definitely be faves of every month from now on... =)

Tuesday, December 22, 2009


"Santa's coming tonight tonight, Santa's coming tonight"... have you seen that Christmas episode of Sponge Bob?? it's the one where the whole Bikini Bottom just barely got introduced to the idea of Christmas & they all waited for Santa to come for days... this was the song they were singing over & over & over & over & over.... it was so damn annoying!! LOL.... I remember telling D (the manfriend) how S-T-U-P-I-D it was, spelling it out so the kids would not understand... hahaha... sorry I dunno why I had to share that with you but that song just gets stuck everytime I hear the word Santa....

but yeah, Santa came tonight & left this at my doorstep...
awwwww... an early present from Sannneee Claus... LOL... ugh!!! that friggin wish list!!!! I shouldn't have done that post... I knew it was a bad idea... I should've known this was gonna happen coz everytime I go on my blog & look at the damn items on that list, I drool.... hahaha...

good thing I didn't buy everything on that list... I admit that I was only partially good this year... LOL... so here are the things I thought I deserve based on that....

and some samples... hmmm... I always forget about them samples... I have to try them out & do a post dedicated to them one day....

they also included this discount card, saying you're invited to spend some more money at their store again, as if what you just bought ain't enough for you to be broke yet... hmmm but now that I think about discounts, I just realized that it ain't really my wish list's fault... it was actually that stinkin VIB club that made me get these things.... I almost forgot that I actually used the VIB $20 gift card they sent me thru e-mail... it was like paying only $20 for the HD foundation, then the primer was just an extra that I had to get to avail of the free shipping... them business companies man! I swear, they are so so smart... you thought they just gave you all these perks & promos & all these good stuff, but really all they're doing is getting you to spend some more money... they trickkksssd us... LOL
then after they get you excited with a 20% discount, they lure you in some more with a guide on how to use that discount & spend your money some more, with this catalog.....
good thing I didn't really see anything I would spend my kids' milk-money on.... the only thing that caught my eye is the Illamasqua powder blush (pictured is in shade HUSSY)..... not that I need any more blushes, I'm just curious about the brand.. so I might look at their other stuff one of these days...

hope you enjoyed my early Christmas haul... how bout you? what did Santa get you this Christmas??

Monday, December 14, 2009


I am tired of Sephora sending me these e-mails about a V.I.B. $20 gift card they want me to spend... this is like the third time they sent me this
so I thought the only way to finally end this madness is to just use it.... hmmm... what to get, what to get?? oh maybe something from my wish list... we'll see.... stay tuned!!

Thursday, December 10, 2009


lately I've been so into GRAY, gray boots, gray jacket, gray tank top, gray beanie, gray scarf... I just love it right now.... I dunno if it's coz I've been hearing the "GRAY is the new BLACK" campaign recently or what... but for some odd odd reason, I've been feelin team grey...

& oh speaking of gray, just an FYI & a little update on the gray suede boots I ordered from AMI, they did not deliver on that one.... well, literally! I was pretty disappointed coz I've been calling, but none of the numbers they've provided are working... I didn't even get no email, no nothing from them to let me know what was goin on... if it wasn't for online banking, then I would've been waiting for those damn boots forever... if I didn't check my bank then I wouldn't know that they just refunded me the money & that was it....

luckily the boots I've been eyeing on for weeks now went on sale... & in my frustration with AMI, I decided to get them today even though it was double the price of what I should've spent at AMI... as you all know, I'm a cheapie!! I don't really care much for brand names, just as long as they're nice & has pretty good quality, then I'm down for that...

so I got these grey suede boots at Kohl's for $49.99 + tax... it was originally at $79.99 + tax but finally went on sale..
so wacha think? 'ju like??

Tuesday, December 8, 2009


this post is really just a big test to find out whether I was naughty or nice this year.... & I have a feeling that just because I said that, I won't be getting any of these things.... LOL... so let's just say I'm changing the reason to this post... as previously mentioned in one of my old old posts, I like lists coz lists are cool!!! so here is one just because...

my Christmas 2009 WISH LIST
(in no particular order)

you are more than welcome to fill it up with blush pans as well... ;) if you do decide to go all the way generous, contact me for blush shades... LOL!

complete with the shades I want for your convenience... LOL

you have 3 choices in terms of size, there's 1oz, 1.7oz & there's 3.4oz.. you know what they say, "the bigger, the better" & oh yeah " the more, the merrier"... we should all live by these philosophies

&/OR... but I would greatly appreciate it if it was '&'

yes, shade 123 please!! thank you!

either 0 or 6... again '&' is highly preferred...

Viva Glam V coz I'm running low low low low

Saint Germain coz it's just so effin pretty!

or if you're feeling all girly-girly, you can get me the Nice in Pink

LOL to my captions... I'm just hopin & prayin someone would take them seriously... =)

that's all I can think of for now... I am not hard to please at all... these little things will make me very very happy....

now as for my non-cosmetic wish list....... just playin!! that's another story! happy christmas shopping everybody!!

Thursday, December 3, 2009


my AMI Clubwear package came in today... & these are what's inside...
notice how one of the boxes is actually from Charlotte Russe? I was pretty surprised about that but thought it was kinda neat!
this is suede boots overload!!! I feel like I'm in boots heaven..... **sigh**

& did you notice that there are only three pairs of boots, when I actually ordered 4 pairs(see this post)?? I hate when my stuff gets back ordered... I hate waiting, especially when it's the pair that I love the most... but oh well!!

AMI has the best timing ever!! I got them in time for our Vegas trip... we are leaving tonight & coming back Sunday... I am one happy camper!!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009


just a post to show off my Target haul today...

black tube scarf
dark grey pashmina wrap/scarf
gray cable knit cap
black beaded necklace & heart charm necklace
detail on the pendant.. I really think this piece is so cute!
brown riding/rider's boots (what's with me & brown boots these days??)
& some random beauty supplies...

Friday, November 27, 2009


OMG!! good thing I didn't get anything from AMI yesterday.. I'm so glad I waited, coz today they are havin' an even better sale...
50%!?!?!?! now come on! you know you can't get a better deal than that!! so I went slouchy/ruched-suede-boots crazy!! LOL....

Gray Suede Slouchy Platform Stacked Heel Boots = reg. $21.99
Black Suede Ruched Round Toe Low Heel Flat Boots = reg. $16.99
Gray Soft Faux Suede Ruched Knee Height Boot = reg. $16.99
Brown Suede Over The Knee Flat Casual Boot = reg. $12.99 (beat that!!!)
****** pictures courtesy of AMI Clubwear

total cost of all 4 shoes = <$60.00 (including tax & S&H)

they have tons & tons of cute stuff (clothes, shoes & etc) but most of the good ones are already out of stock... so if I were you I'd go shopping there now!!

Thursday, November 26, 2009


Happy Turkey Day

and what better way to spend Thanksgiving Day than to learn how to be truly thankful OR just to shop til you drop....... there's a wole bunch of good sales goin on right now but this one excites me the most....
for the Thanksgiving Day sale, use coupon code: SPECIAL40
for 35% off on hair products, use coupon code: HAIR35 
for free shipping on U.S. orders over $50, use coupon code: AMISHIPPED

click here to shop @ AMI Clubwear

I really wish I have money to spend on this right now but I am still so jobless & so broke... the money that I have right now will be spent only on Christmas presents for my boys... so I guess that makes it ok.... well, just wanted to share this cool sale with you ladies incase you don't know about it yet & to say 'Happy Thanksgiving day!!!'

Tuesday, November 24, 2009


stopped by Wal-Mart today to get some stuff for the house... as usual, I had to stop by the make-up aisle, otherwise, I, my self would think there's something terribly wrong with me... I just picked up these 3 oh-so pretty pink things.... coz again, if I don't, I would feel awfully weird... LOL

Rimmel London AIRY FAIRY Lipstick
Jane BLUSHING PETAL blush (top)
Jane BLUSHING GLOW (bottom)
-all pictures are in the same order-

and the swatches

I love all the colors, they're all girly girly pink....

Saturday, November 21, 2009


I was browsin through the store ads yesterday & found this cute boots on sale for $19.99... it was originally $29.99... it's this semi-slouchy, semi-cowboy boots...
ain't it cute?? it kinda looks similar to my other slouchy boots... only, the new one is a little lighter in color & the heels are cowboy style.... I love them both!! =)