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Friday, November 27, 2009


OMG!! good thing I didn't get anything from AMI yesterday.. I'm so glad I waited, coz today they are havin' an even better sale...
50%!?!?!?! now come on! you know you can't get a better deal than that!! so I went slouchy/ruched-suede-boots crazy!! LOL....

Gray Suede Slouchy Platform Stacked Heel Boots = reg. $21.99
Black Suede Ruched Round Toe Low Heel Flat Boots = reg. $16.99
Gray Soft Faux Suede Ruched Knee Height Boot = reg. $16.99
Brown Suede Over The Knee Flat Casual Boot = reg. $12.99 (beat that!!!)
****** pictures courtesy of AMI Clubwear

total cost of all 4 shoes = <$60.00 (including tax & S&H)

they have tons & tons of cute stuff (clothes, shoes & etc) but most of the good ones are already out of stock... so if I were you I'd go shopping there now!!

Thursday, November 26, 2009


Happy Turkey Day

and what better way to spend Thanksgiving Day than to learn how to be truly thankful OR just to shop til you drop....... there's a wole bunch of good sales goin on right now but this one excites me the most....
for the Thanksgiving Day sale, use coupon code: SPECIAL40
for 35% off on hair products, use coupon code: HAIR35 
for free shipping on U.S. orders over $50, use coupon code: AMISHIPPED

click here to shop @ AMI Clubwear

I really wish I have money to spend on this right now but I am still so jobless & so broke... the money that I have right now will be spent only on Christmas presents for my boys... so I guess that makes it ok.... well, just wanted to share this cool sale with you ladies incase you don't know about it yet & to say 'Happy Thanksgiving day!!!'

Tuesday, November 24, 2009


stopped by Wal-Mart today to get some stuff for the house... as usual, I had to stop by the make-up aisle, otherwise, I, my self would think there's something terribly wrong with me... I just picked up these 3 oh-so pretty pink things.... coz again, if I don't, I would feel awfully weird... LOL

Rimmel London AIRY FAIRY Lipstick
Jane BLUSHING PETAL blush (top)
Jane BLUSHING GLOW (bottom)
-all pictures are in the same order-

and the swatches

I love all the colors, they're all girly girly pink....

Saturday, November 21, 2009


I was browsin through the store ads yesterday & found this cute boots on sale for $19.99... it was originally $29.99... it's this semi-slouchy, semi-cowboy boots...
ain't it cute?? it kinda looks similar to my other slouchy boots... only, the new one is a little lighter in color & the heels are cowboy style.... I love them both!! =)

Friday, November 13, 2009


as requested by Becks, I decided to play with my Kat Von D Rock n Roll E/S Palette (featured in this post) & do a simple look with it... we're also going to a basketball team themed birthday party for my friend's 1 year old son tomorrow & most of us are wearing Lakers jerseys so I decided to try the palette since it's purple & be festive all the way...


MAC Oil Control Lotion
MAC Studio Sculpt Foundation - NC35
MAC Studio Sculpt Concealer - NC30
MAC Mineralized Skinfinish - Natural
Milani Powder Bronzer - Light
Milani Minerals Blush - Mai-Tai
MAC Fix +

MAC Paint Pot - Painterly
Kat Von D Rock n Roll E/S Palette
L'Oreal HIP Cream E/L - Black
Rimmel Soft Kohl E/L Pencil - Jet Black
L'Oreal Double Extend Mascara - Blackest Black
e.l.f. Eyebrow Kit - Dark
Carmex Lip Moisturizer
MAC Lacquer - Babied

and the final look....

in different lighting...

and just camwhorin some more.... fun times!! LOL

a little review on this palette:

I.M.O. this palette is just ok... I mean I liked this look, it's very simple, not too dramatic than what you thought the colors in this palette would deliver after just swatching it... but the color pay off was actually not that good, especially the darker colors - Groupie(purple) & Motorhead(grayish black).... so you really have to work on packing on the colors & you would really need a good base to help intensify the colors... I expected to like the darker colors since they are the main focus in this look but it was actually the other way around... I liked the lighter colors (Believer & Confessional) instead, they are more pigmented than the other 2 main colors...  this palette was also no bueno in terms of fall outs, I mean there wasn't really much but since Believer(used as a brow bone highlight) have glitters, some got stuck on my brows & I know noone likes looking like a christmas ornament... & there was also a little bit of fall out with the Motorhead(used on Outer Corner)... so I would consider this palette as a miss more than a hit... I personally feel like I just wasted 500 precious Beauty Insider points on this palette... I should've saved up my points & waited for better ones... another big 'oh effin well!!!'....

wearing GEO Ash Wings circle lenses

Wednesday, November 11, 2009


just a quick post on my collective haul for this past week... I happen to see a lot of good BOGO free sales at a couple of drugstores so I decided to go & satisfy my drugstore makeup fix....

[BOGO-free items:]
Queen Helene Mint Julep Masque
Wet n Wild Silk Finish Blush (Pearlescent Pink)
Wet n Wild Bronzzer (Tahitian Tan)
Wet n Wild Nail Color
(top row L-R) French White Creme, Black Creme, Fatal
(bottom row L-R) Rustic, Morbid, Nocturnal
[non BOGO-free items:]
Witch Hazel Face & Body Astringent

[BOGO-free items:]
Maybelline NY Expert Wear Eyeshadow (Chai Latte & Natural Smokes)
L'Oreal Double Extend Tube/Mascara (blackest black)
L'Oreal Double Extend Waterproof Mascara (black)
[non BOGO-free items:]
NYC Powder Blush in Central Park Pink

- non BOGO sale items -

2 falsies for top & bottom lashes

Nailene Perfect Tips French Polish Guides
Proc!aim Olive Oil Lotion (this stuff smells good & works amazing)
Face Secrets Facial Cleansing Buffs

Monday, November 9, 2009


I am now officially a VIB beauty insider member... for an explanation of what that is, click on this link --> MUSINGS OF A MUSE blog

thanks to Musings of a muse blog! you broke it down really good...

just thought I'd share that to whoever cares... LOL

Friday, November 6, 2009


atlast!! my Pretty & Cute package has arrived!!!!

this is what the items came in
they were very carefully packed in this box with a lot of styrofoam-peanut-thingies... & plastic bubble wraps were taped around the vials where the lenses are in....
as a free gift, I got this Hello Kitty contact lens case which I picked out during check out.. although I know I wouldn't really use it, I say 'why not?' if it's free...

& these are my new circle lenses....
why I got 2 gray colored ones?? I really dunno... but I'm not worried since their shelf life is 3 years, I can just save the other for later when the first one expires in a year...