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Tuesday, June 28, 2011


if I were to pick quality lipsticks other than MAC, YSL & all the other high end brands that offer really good quality, I would pick NYX round lipsticks in a heart beat.... for something that has such a low price tag, the quality is ah-mazingggg!! I already have quite a few in my NYX l/s collection but I've been wanting more for quite some time now... sooo... I finally got some of the colors that have been on my drool list....

I got my set from eBay, where everything is cheaper!!! yay!! donchu just love eBay??? 

the lipsticks were very neatly packed in these little boxes...

I got the 12 lipstick lot... they end up to be less than $2 a piece....

here are the shades I got...

& this is what they look like in the tube...













everything came in good shape except for some nicks on a couple of the lipsticks


which is not really that big of a deal.... for the price that I paid for these babies, I can't really complain....

the shipping was really fast & the seller is great! she responds to messages really quickly... so if you want the name of the seller that I got this lot from, let me know...

my fave from the ones that I already have are Thalia, Spoiled, Eros & surprisingly Power...

based on the swatches I've seen, I think Tea Rose, Orange Soda, Femme & Electra are gonna be my new favorites... 

can't wait to try 'em out & create new looks with them.... 

how about choo, have you tried NYX' round lipsticks?? how do you like them?? what are your top 5 favorite colors??

Sunday, June 26, 2011


back in April, I got the chance to work with Fotog_Republic once again to do Jessica's Quinceanera.... 

hope you enjoy the pictures showing our experience on our first big event.... 

{ MUA at work }

products used are listed on this post....

{ fave pix of Jessica after makeup was done }

{ Jessica with my friends Chuck & Michelle of Fotog_Republic }

this was taken by the end of the event, after crying & everything, makeup is still intact... I got to stay for a few hours to offer her a complimentary touch up but I didn't really need to... it was awesome!

I had a blast working with Fotog_Republic!! nothing beats working with friends.... =)

& I just wanna say....

thanks Jessica & Sonia for letting me be a part of this special event... =) I had so much fun!!

click HERE if you wanna 
see more pictures of 
Jessica's quinceanera at 
Fotog_Republic's website...

Sunday, June 19, 2011


just a quick FYI, [if you haven't noticed yet] I have changed my URL to I hope blogger won't give you any problems locating my blog with this new URL.... yup! just a quick update... new blog entries are in the works.... hope you all have a great Sunday!!

& to all the fathers out there, HAPPY FATHER'S DAY!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011


I have a few great giveaways to share with you ladies! 

D.G.S. Beauty's 100 Followers Giveaway!
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Faces by Farah's It's All About MAC Giveaway!
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Adrienne Adore's MAC Gift Card Giveaway!
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Spiced Beauty's Sigma Travel Kit (Naughty Black) Giveaway!
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check it out HERE... it ends July 18th...

Goodluck & have fun everyone!!!

Sunday, June 12, 2011


this is my newest Forever21 haul & I would say the fastest shipping time ever....

I ordered it on Saturday, 6/4... I got an email on 6/5, Sunday, confirming that my order has been shipped... then I received the package on Tuesday 6/7... exactly 2 business days.... & mind you this was just standard shipping that they offer with no charge for orders of $50 or more.... now is that not the fastest shipping in the history of free shipping???!?!? LOL

here is what I got...

Filigree Oval Ring $4.80

Teardrop Disks Earrings $2.80

Lovely Teardrop Earring $2.80

Teardrop Bead Necklace $6.80

Egyptian Queen Choker $6.80

this is how the chain looks like, it looks almost like the herringbone style chains only it's plain solid

Braided Leatherette Sandal $12.80
I'm actually not sure why I got this... I've been wanting to get a pair of F21 sandals for a while now but they never have anything in my size... I always check them one by one just to see if they ever have them in a smaller size.... but nothing! until this one... I don't even like this style as much but just because they have it in my size, I just had to get it... I know, I'm weird!! doesn't make sense at all! hahahaha

Classic Career Jacket $27.80

here are the stock images from Forever21 of everything I ordered except for the black oval ring... 

I love everything I got especially the blazer.... it's my first boyfriend blazer & I am soooo happy I got it!!! I've been looking for one for ages but I never seem to find the right one... I've always been iffy about buying it online coz the fit might not work but I finally decided to take the risk & get one... I'm glad I got one that I ended up really liking.... =)

I haven't tried any of the accessories yet but just by looking at them, I know it's gonna look awesome with the perfect outfit to go with it...

the sandals is also cute on... it's actually making me wanna get a maxi dress to go with it... =)

have you bought anything from F21 lately??? leave me a comment with your link, I'd love to read your F21 or any fashion/clothing hauls....