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Sunday, May 31, 2009


so I got my NYX goodies from Cherry Culture today... I only got a few things but I'm super excited to try everything out....
all NYX:
1] Fabulous Lashes-#115
2] Jumbo Eyeshadow Pencil-Milk
3] Ultra Pearl Mania-(L-R) Jade,Turquoise,Baby Pink,Pearl,Purple
4] Round Lipstick-(L-R) Herades,Strawberry Milk,Thalia
5] Round Lip Gloss-(L-R) Whipped,Very Clear
6] Lip Pencil-(L-R) Auburn,Natural (BOGO free)

I've been looking for the Milk jumbo pencil at Longs drugstore but seems like they're always running out of stock on this color or sumthin... but I'm so stoked that I finally got it... I'm also excited as I got my very first lip liners... this must be what's missin on the swatches I did when I tried the lipsticks I got the last time... the Auburn is perfect for darker shades of lipstick while the Natural could be paired with nude lipsticks...
here are some picture & swatches....
(from L-R)
(from L-R)
- no flash -
- with flash -(from L-R)

my favorite is the Strawberry Milk lipstick so I tried it on top of the Natural lip pencil & topped it with the Whipped lipgloss... it's so Barbieish!! cute!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009


I don't really use concealers all that much but I noticed that that's probably what's missing with my makeup... I'm not really into concealers since I really never needed it in my clear-skinned-past... but since I now have red areas & acne marks, I decided it's time to invest on a good concealer.... I own like only 4 concealers, if 2 are even considered a concealer.... I have the Maybelline NY Instant Age Rewind Double Face Perfector(conceal & highlight); the Bare Escentuals - Rare Minerals Heal & Conceal Blemish Therapy; Avon Look Alert Eye Brightener & Everyday Minerals Intensive Light concealer-sample jar(not in picture)....

I never had any problems using these concealers but I am in search of a high quality one that I'll be able to use for all problem areas (blemishes, under eye dark circles, acne scars, redness & other discoloration)... so after a little bit of research, I decided that the MUFE(Make Up For Ever)'s 5 Camouflage Cream Palette fits the bill... so I ordered it from Sephora along with Cargo Bronzer in Medium Matte... & the package came today with another package for the black Smashbox faux fur brush roll case that I got from ebay.....
holds about 11 brushes

so that was my very recent haul...

I will be posting a review on several products soon... Ciao for now!

Saturday, May 23, 2009


wussup errrbody?? this is just a post on a mini haul from Sally's Beauty Supply Store & Michael's Craft Store....

first off, I went to Sally's & got me the ever so popular
BUMPITS (in black)...
I also got a few of the Sally Girl single eyeshadows... I love these because the colors are very pigmented & simply because you can pick the colors that you like then connect the single eyeshadows to each other... kind of like assembling your own palette like the MAC refill pans only cheaper... oh so very cool!! I got the Green Apple, Blue Marine, Emerald & Turquoisethen I connected them to the first batch that I got a while back... here are the pictures & swatches with & without the flash....

after Sally's, I stopped by Michael's to get a couple of things... I wanted to get a brush roll for when I travel I have something to use to carry all the brushes I need... it's hard to just put it in a pouch bag, they get all over the place, plus it's unsanitary... I wanted something cheap for now but I also wanted to get something a lil fancy later on... so I got this brush set which comes with a black canvas brush case & a variety of 20 paint brushes(nylon)... it's hella cheap so I thought this would be perfect for quick gigs & whatnot! the brushes that it came with could also be used to apply gel eyeliners & also concealers... so for $3.99(sale price), it's a hell of a good deal!

& also, after watching this video on YouTube by VanessaJhaime, I wanted to get the Loew Cornell Brush Cleaning Jar & try it for myself....

& I'm so glad I did, coz this brush cleaner jar thing is awesome!! it makes brush cleaning so much easier & more convenient... I also picked up a couple of replacement pads for later...
so there you have it.... hope y'all have a nice Memorial Day weekend... be safe driving to the beach & wear a lotta sunscreen!!

Thursday, May 21, 2009


like I said in my previous post, I've always been a lipgloss girl, never really committed my lips to any lipsticks... but for some reason, lately I've been wanting to get lipsticks... I wanna see if I can start wearing them... I dunno, I guess I'm going through a lipstick phase...

got these lippies from CVS, (from L-R) Sand, Chestnut & Nude Blush... all from Maybelline NY, the red one is from the Moisture Extreme line...

I also got my first ever MAC lipstick in Myth today... yay!!! I bought it from ebay...

here are pictures of the lipstick shades I got... please excuse the low quality shots, I don't have a DLSR... my camera suck! also, please excuse my uglee lips... the very first picture was fine but my lips looked weird on the rest... the outline looks like they're fading... I used baby wipes to wipe the lipstick off, so maybe that has something to do with it? I dunno!

dang! you can see it's all chapped too!! I should start using them therapeutic balms I got... ewww!!

and the swatches...

-texture wise, all of these are very creamy which I like
-I pretty much got the nude shade that I was looking for, except the Chestnut is a little darker, but it's ok, I still like it!
-both the Chestnut & the Sand are pretty sheen, with some tiny shimmers in them... the Nude Blush is matte
-I'm not really feelin the Myth right now, to me it feels creamy yet it looks dry on my lips... I'll be playin with it though, maybe I can rock it with the perfect lip gloss..
-they are pretty cheap... I got the Sand & Chestnut 50% off so they're like 3 sumthin bucks... not bad ey?! I thought the Nude Blush was on sale as well, guess not... that one was around $8 I think!!?? still affordable... the MAC Myth was $11...
-what's great is that they are all very pigmented...
-they don't smell/taste weird

this is all I can say for now... so far so good with the lipstick experimentation... LOL!

Monday, May 18, 2009


a real 'RAG' doll!! awww... what a cute mop! now, why didn't I think of this when my kids were still crawlin?!? j/p!
start trainin them early I'd say...
talk about high maintenance!
if they are Manolos, yes! if not...
uhmmm... if I'm Japanese, maybe!
thank G I don't have Manolos!
who needs a man, right?! no man will cuddle with you like this all night... uhmmm... where can I get one??a TP on the head?! I wonder if they have invented one that stays by your rear... hehe
I really don't have anything to say about this one... if they don't feel like using a butter knife, why not invent a butter-stick-glue... errr what's it called?
if you think this is brilliant, look at the next picture....
now this is my favorite one! you just gotta love this one... LOL

Japanese... I reeerry reeerry rub them!!

Friday, May 15, 2009


okay okay so we(Lakers) lost... whatevvss!! I don't wanna talk about it okay?!? I don't wanna talk any smack about Houston for game 7 either, coz I think I jinxed game 6 when I posted it on here yesterday... LOL!!

anyhowz, today, I went to the mall real quick... I was on a mission to get one thing & one thing only at MAC... the Fix + (check out my MAC wish list here)... before I went inside Macy's, I told myself that I was only gonna get 2 or 3 items at the most... well, fortunately I forgot my iPhone where I store all my shtuff - wish list, to buy list, to do list, shit list & etc... & the only thing I can remember are a couple of the lipstick shades... you won't be able to remember anything when you're around millions of MAC stuff... LOL! & even if I swatch the eyeshadows & find shades that I like, I still wouldn't get them coz I only like to get the refill pans... the eyeshadows in the original packaging take up so much room & plus I hate the idea of depotting them... it's too much work! the only eyeshadow I'm willing to depot are the Milani ones... those are the easiest! but as I was saying, I didn't remember anything from my wish list except for the fix +, lipsticks & the 217 brush... now, for the lipstick, I asked the MAC girl to show me Angel, I didn't like it, it was too pink & too dark for the nude that I was going for... she showed me a couple of good ones which is Myth & the Viva Glam V... I didn't buy any coz I don't really wear lipstick, I've always been a lipgloss girl... I just wanted to see the shades for when I do the back-2-MAC thing, I know which lipstick to get for free... that's if they let you choose, do they?? I dunno... but as for the 217 brush, I did some good thinking weighing all the factors... haha... sheesh!! I didn't know it could be this difficult to buy a high-end brush... but I told myself that I don't really need it, the brushes that I have, work just as good... I mean someday I will get it but not right now... wow! listen to me! aren't you impressed?? LOL!

you'll be more impressed when you find out what happened next, so read on...

so, after MAC, I hit up the Urban Decay area... & found layin on top of the counter is the Book of Shadows palette... OMG!! I first saw this from my friend Michelle's... she had bought it like a month ago, then left it at her friend's in Canada when she went for a visit... bummer!! but she bought another one... ballinnnn!!! I heard that they have very limited number of palettes goin out for sale... but the UD girl said they got more in stock, she warned me that they go really fast & advised me to get mine now... haha pretty girl, it ain't gon work, that palette is 45 freakin dollahs, donchu know this is Self Control 101!!! LOL! despite the amazing colors I swatched, I fought the temptation... then I moved on to the palette right next to it - the Ammo... ugh!! I want that one!!! & the Deluxe Shadow Box... I will give it a lot of thinking before I jump the wagon... so to conclude my Macy's visit, I walked away from there with only one item in hand... whoa!!! now that is self control!!

okay, what I'm about to tell you is the most boggling... you're about to ask what is goin on?? LOL!! I went to Longs again for my Tatay's lotto & also to take back the brush that I was talkin about on my Danny Gokey post a couple of days ago... I got to return the brush without buying anything else in exchange... mind you, I did look around & I did pick up some stuff like some NYX eyeshadows & a 50% off lipstick from L'Oreal but I put them right back... hahaha, okay, the NYX was self control... but the lipstick, I put it back thinking that I'll just get it from CVS coz I still have a cash card for more than 30 bucks there since I returned a couple of Neutrogena foundations that didn't work out... anyhow, that's still a big progress right!?! **pats back**

til next time chicahs!!

Thursday, May 14, 2009


so, tonight is game 6 for Lakers/Rockets... tonight is the night Lakers is gonna kick Houston's sorry butt-butts.... you guys gotta watch it!! I'm sorry, but I can't wait to see them Houston guys walk outta there with their heads down... I am not a Rocket hater but eversince game 4, oh man!! just seeing some of their players' faces irritate the hell out of me... especially Scola's... ugh!! that guy is such a sore loser, actually most of the team are... they play dirty when they're losing... I'm just so glad Derek Fisher did what he did... Scola had it coming man! like they always say, karma is a biatch!!


Wednesday, May 13, 2009


**sob sob** my Danny got sent home tonight... awwww... I'm so sad! is it because I didn't vote for him?? awwww... I'm gonna blame myself for this... LOL! this is the first time I predicted the American Idol wrong... I got it right with Carrie Underwood & Taylor Hicks then I stopped watching... I skipped like 2 seasons... I really am shocked though... I really really wanted him to win....
OR Adam..... so, you know what?! it's all good coz he[Adam] is still in the game... now, he has got to win! got to!!!!

nuff o' that... on to some therapeutic stuff... a just did a itty-bitty haul... super tiny you won't even notice this one... LOL!!

I went to Longs last Tuesday after Deion's Dr's appointment to get my Tatay his lotto... so of course, I had to walk by the makeup aisles... duhhhhrr!! gotta check out what's on sale or whatnot... no sale! but I still got a couple of things... I picked up a NYX jumbo e/s pencil in Baby Blue & a Essence of Beauty angled blusher brush... just coz

then I went to CVS after, to return some stuff... & of course I had to... I think you know the rest... I checked out their stuff, but I didn't really see anything that I wanted to get... what caught my attention was the same angle blusher brush that I got from Longs... the one at CVS has a free bonus brush... so I got that & since my friend Chala was workin at the pharmacy that day, she was nice enough to share one of her employee perks... got hooked up with a 30% discount, (I think it was 30, I'm not sure).... shaoooooo!!! thanks Chala! you're the coolest! so I think I might just return the brush to Longs... or not! we'll see

Sunday, May 10, 2009


this is the look that I did last night after the pictorial gig... it was already past 8 when I got home so I was in a rush to do my makeup... it was supposed to be a brighter blue... I dunno why it looked a little more on the gray shade though I didn't use any gray color shadow.. the picture didn't do this look much justice coz it really looked really blue in person.. I even remembered askin Davi if it was a too dramatic blue... too bad I didn't get to take enough pictures for the blog coz we were in a hurry to get to my friend's house, but I'll prolly look at their pictures from that night & see if I can jack a better one...

so instead of just calling it blue, I'll just name this EOTD: GRAYISH BLUE


- products used -

Clinique dramatically different moisturizing gel
Rimmel London Fix & Perfect foundation primer
Rimmel London Stay Matte in Classic Beige
MAC mineralized skinfinish Medium/Natural Shimmer (matte side as finish)
Caudalie beauty elixir

e.l.f. blush/bronze duo Bronzed (contour/bronzer)
MAC beauty powder blush in Feeling
MAC mineralized skinfinish Medium/Natural Shimmer (shimmer side as highlight)

L'Oreal de-crease (lid primer)
Revlon cream shadow in Moonlit Jewels-blue(base)
NYX e/s trio - Aqua (entire lid)
MAC Star by Night e/s (outer-V)
Jane e/s in Midnight (crease contour)
Prestige liquid eyeliner in Black (upper lash line)
Almay eyeliner crayon contour in Black (waterline)
CoverGirl Lashblast in Very Black
e.l.f. eyebrow kit in Dark

Carmex lip moisturizer
L'Oreal H.I.P. jelly balm in Plush

with my lover at Anwar's birthday