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Friday, April 24, 2009


I finally got my hands on some Jesse's Girl makeup.. I've heard so much cool stuff about their eye dusts so I ran to the nearest Rite Aid & got me some... I got the Cloisonne Violet (Ultra Violet) & the Majestic Green... I also got the Jesse's Girl's Eyeshadow Transformer & the Ardell heated eyelash curler.....

for some reason, these 2 eye dusts differ in packaging... unlike the green one, the violet does not have a sifter on it, so it got a little messy when I opened it...
also, the name of the violet one is not indicated on the container as it shows on the picture below... I just got the name of it from the Jesse's Girl website by looking at the bar code... the last 3 digits are identified with the name of the shade on the website



I wanted to get a blue one as well, unfortunately it's sold out so I'm gonna have to go back... I wanted to do a EOTD: green/blue/purple, tropical look type...

swatches from left to right: by itself / with UDPP as base / with a mixing medium


the color barely shows if applied by itself but there's a good color pay off when used with a base or a mixing medium... so far, I like it!

I've also heard a lotta people ravin about this eyeshadow transformer, also by Jesse's Girl... I guess it's supposed to transform loose or pressed eye shadows into a liquid eyeliner... & since I am not planning on buying every color of liquid eyeliners & since I rarely use colored eyeliners, I thought this would be a good product to use for only when I feel like wearing colored eyeliner... so, I decided to get one to try it out...

I tried it with the eye dusts that I just bought & here are the swatches... it is dual sided, one side with the thin wand & the other with wide... I am not that happy with the results, it came out too clumpy for me, but maybe I was just doin it wrong... so I'll give it another shot & play with it before I give the verdict whether to return it or not...
with flash
without flash

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