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Tuesday, April 21, 2009


it was scorchin hot today, it's not even funny!! I checked the weather & it's mother effin 94 degs right mother effin now... then I checked Manila & it says 77 degs... what the heck is goin on?? this can only mean pesteng summer is here & I'm not even ready!! I still have to lose weight... as you all probably noticed, at the beginning of this blog I talked about being on the P90X workout & that topic slowly diminished... well, you probably guessed what happened & more than likely, you guessed it right... yup! we stopped doin it... I don't really remember what happened but I think we skipped a session & when you skip a session, it's over! you'll have an excuse to skip another one, then another...
anyhow, I decided to do the Master Cleanser detox/diet again... I
did this back in November of '08 & I got good results... everyone noticed too!! I did it for 10 days & if I can remember correctly, I lost about 9lbs... I know right?!? 9lbs in 10 days!! that's pretty awesome!! you can be on this detox/diet for a minimum of 10 days & a maximum of 45... this program does not only make you lose weight, it also gets rid of unnecessary toxins in your body... for all the good stuff about this program, Google!!...

this is all I can consume for the whole day... =( my breakfast, lunch & dinner...

this drink is made of:

60 oz of filtered water

12 tbsp fresh squeezed lemon juice

12 tbsp organic grade B maple syrup

1 tsp cayenne pepper

so you ask, what made me do this diet again?? because I'm getting so friggin fat!! you shoulda seen the look in my mom's face when she first saw me when we picked them up at LAX... & the first thing she said to me was.... "nakah!! mantaba mo!!" not i miss you, not even a hi or hello... straight up told me I got big!! OMG mother!! thanks!! I love her for being so honest though... see, if she didn't tell me then I would keep sitting on my lazy pwet until I get heavier... what am I gonna do without my Nanay... LOL!!

anyways, my starting weight is ......................

ahhhh... you thought I was gonna give that away that easy?!? hells no!!! you have to pay me a million to get that info from me... LOL!! well, peoples, I guess I'll just have to keep you posted on this... please pray for me... pray that I don't give in to any temptations... LOL!


  1. i just cant! i tried i really did. but it's all for naught gedemit!

  2. GAME: "what's anna's weight?" lol

    alright alright... I`ma go back there in a few. so yeah.. Nice that you are back into that stuff.. I'm thinking/want to try protein diet now, well at least more protein like 1.3g out of 1500~1800 cal/day hehe. more like 12 white eggs for breakfast. almonds for snacks and some shitty stuff like that.

    what's your goal now? well be hitting the gym, living healthy, and play poker of course when I get back. and yeah job hunt na rin!

    I was going to call to check how you guys doing there. but I forgot to.

    I think chala want's you to make her that detox you are drinking right now again.


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