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Wednesday, April 29, 2009


"Highway run, into the midnight sun, wheels go round & round"... dang! I miss that song, I haven't heard it in ages... but I'm about to again in the next few weeks... coz Imma be listening to my bro-bro's Journey CD until the..... **drumroll** JOURNEY CONCERT in July... yes!! we are going to see Journey... although I only know like 3 of their songs, I don't care! why?? coz Heart is gon be there too!!! I am so stoked!!! I don't really care for Journey that much coz like I said I only know a few of their songs (Faithfully, which I loooooove, Open Arms & Don't Stop Believin), but I'm curious about kababayan Arnel Pineda(the new lead singer)... I haven't seen/heard him sing since he was recruited to be in the band... nope! I haven't watched him in youtube either... I just wanna see firsthand how good he is... so, we all decided to go see the concert...

since I am jobless & not really doin anything, I volunteered to order all the tickets thinking that there might be a good chance that we get seats next to each other... even though there was a 6 ticket limit, I thought, if we order the tickets right after each transaction, we'll get the same section/row... well, almost a well-thought-of-plan, but I guess it doesn't work that way, the computer will give you the next available seats... I didn't consider the fact that this is Journey & there might be a lot of people purchasing tickets at the same time... the tickets went on sale last week, Thursday, April 23rd at 10 AM (the actual tickets came in the mail today)... I went online 15 minutes prior... I decided to get the first 4 set of tickets for Anwar, Darren, Aaron & Renan using Anwar's credit card, thinking that if something goes wrong I'll be able to call Anwar, get the infos then get on with the next transaction which is for me, Davi, Michelle, Chala, RC & JLu (6 tix)... I got the section right in front of the stage for the first 4 tix, since I needed some more infos from Anwar it took me longer, without realizing that there was a 6 minute allotted for you to get the tix reserved... next thing you know, the tix expired!! darn it!! so I tried reserving the next seats available & they gave us a different section which is located more to the side of the concert hall... mind you, this was within 5-10 minutes after the sale started... I kept trying & I still couldn't get any more seats right in front of the stage... within the 20 minutes, the tickets available are only the ones in the very back... they sold out on the best/most expensive seats pretty quick... there's only one thing I'm sure of, I ain't never gonna do the ordering ever again... it was nerve wracking!!! I was sweatin all kinds... LOL!
anyhow, I got us the seats in section 503
& this is the view from where we're gonna be sitting... not bad!!
I can't wait!!!!! I am super excited!!

here are a few of the songs I know from HEART
What About Love
These Dreams

and from Journey
Don't Stop Believin
Open Arms
Separate Ways

Tuesday, April 28, 2009


we've been wanting to take the kids to see Monsters VS Aliens, but we waited for it to be featured at the drive-in coz Devean, for some reason does not like going to the walk-in theaters... he gets so scared of sumthin... I don't wanna say he's claustrophobic coz he plays inside boxes & lets his little brother close the lids on him... the last time we went to a movie house was Kung Fu Panda when we were in Seattle last year... & I just noticed he kinda freaks out when the people gets a little loud & then he looks around, as soon as he sees the exit door, he calms down... so we always have to settle for the drive-in for now, which is cool since it's always double feature there... double score! you pay less the price of a movie at the theater X 2 movies then kids are free, so we only spent $13 ($6.50/adult) instead of spending $34 at the movie house... so we went tonight with my brother, sis-in-law & the little nephew-monster... it was Monsters VS Aliens & then Fast & Furious after... I know right?! perfect combo!! hell yeah!!
Synopsis: When a radioactive meteor hurtles into Susan Murphy (voiced by Reese Witherspoon) on her wedding day, she is transformed into a towering, platinum-haired giant. Taken away by the government and dubbed "Ginormica," Susan is introduced to other scientific oddities, including the amphibious Missing Link (Will Arnett), the dim blob B.O.B. (Seth Rogen), and the brilliant, bug-headed Dr. Cockroach (Hugh Laurie). These "monsters" are released from captivity when a massive alien robot sent by the scheming Gallaxhar (Rainn Wilson) appears in San Francisco and clearly does not come in peace. With little time to adjust to her new stature, Susan must learn to work with her strange allies to avoid an all-out extraterrestrial invasion. Co-directed by Rob Letterman (SHARK TALE) and Conrad Vernon (SHREK 2) for DreamWorks Studios, this enjoyable animated production riffs on 1950s sci-fi movies while also playfully referencing everything from DR. STRANGELOVE to CLOSE ENCOUNTERS OF THE THIRD KIND. The vocal talent, which also includes Stephen Colbert as a daft, keyboard-playing American president, is top-notch, adding plenty of personality to the super-sized visuals and eye-popping effects. Conveying an easy-going sense of humor that will delight kids and amuse adults, MONSTERS VS. ALIENS is fun family fare that is sure to leave everyone thoroughly entertained.
the kids loved it... but it wasn't all that for me... the only part i like are the ones with the one eyed , brainless, blue gelatinous blob a.k.a. B.O.B which stands for benzoate-ostylezene-bicarbonate -- that is the result of an experiment with a tomato and dessert topping... he is voiced by Seth Rogen... B.O.B. is an instant scene-stealer... other than good ol B.O.B., the movie is just ok for me...

Synopsis: This fourth entry in THE FAST AND THE FURIOUS franchise reunites the original stars: Michelle Rodriguez, Paul Walker, Jordana Brewster, and of course the bad dude himself, Vin Diesel. Needless to say, there's going to be a lot of speed and demolition, especially in the fantastic opening truck hijack executed at amazing speeds by Dominic (Diesel) and his sexy partner in crime, Letty (Rodriguez). When Letty gets killed, it's revenge time, with the path of the bad guy leading Dominic back across the border to Los Angeles (where he's still wanted by the law) and into a high-stakes street race in which he's teamed up with his old nemesis, undercover fed Brian O'Conner (Walker). As in the original, Brewster makes a foxy love interest for Walker (she's Dom's kid sister), but there's not much time for kissing: there's races to be won, huge accidents to cause, and shady smuggling plots to foil. Fans of the series should be too busy digging the NO2-powered action to notice if there's anything missing in the storyline, which caterwauls along with gleeful abandon and disregard for logic, sanity, and speed limits. Directed with a sure hand by Justin Lin (TOKYO DRIFT), FAST & FURIOUS features loads of hot babes, and Diesel is as ripped, raging, and gravel-voiced deadpan as ever.

the only thing I can say about this movie is "bad ass!!!"... believe it or not, I haven't seen the 3 prequels... but I dunno, I guess I'm just very easy to please... I'm not picky at all... just as long as there's guys that are hot, cool car race, pretty girls in cute clothes, i'll sit still... my favorite part is Dominic & Brian... LOL!

Friday, April 24, 2009


I finally got my hands on some Jesse's Girl makeup.. I've heard so much cool stuff about their eye dusts so I ran to the nearest Rite Aid & got me some... I got the Cloisonne Violet (Ultra Violet) & the Majestic Green... I also got the Jesse's Girl's Eyeshadow Transformer & the Ardell heated eyelash curler.....

for some reason, these 2 eye dusts differ in packaging... unlike the green one, the violet does not have a sifter on it, so it got a little messy when I opened it...
also, the name of the violet one is not indicated on the container as it shows on the picture below... I just got the name of it from the Jesse's Girl website by looking at the bar code... the last 3 digits are identified with the name of the shade on the website



I wanted to get a blue one as well, unfortunately it's sold out so I'm gonna have to go back... I wanted to do a EOTD: green/blue/purple, tropical look type...

swatches from left to right: by itself / with UDPP as base / with a mixing medium


the color barely shows if applied by itself but there's a good color pay off when used with a base or a mixing medium... so far, I like it!

I've also heard a lotta people ravin about this eyeshadow transformer, also by Jesse's Girl... I guess it's supposed to transform loose or pressed eye shadows into a liquid eyeliner... & since I am not planning on buying every color of liquid eyeliners & since I rarely use colored eyeliners, I thought this would be a good product to use for only when I feel like wearing colored eyeliner... so, I decided to get one to try it out...

I tried it with the eye dusts that I just bought & here are the swatches... it is dual sided, one side with the thin wand & the other with wide... I am not that happy with the results, it came out too clumpy for me, but maybe I was just doin it wrong... so I'll give it another shot & play with it before I give the verdict whether to return it or not...
with flash
without flash

Thursday, April 23, 2009


wussup betches??!? LOL!... just a quickie... moan for me moan for me!! haha... sorry! I'm all hyped up again from the work out is why... did another P90X workout - Shoulders & Arms today, still doin it out of order until Monday... Monday, I start fresh!! I so wanna do a LOTD so bad, since how many days now... but I can't, coz guess what?! mama effin gigantimonstrous zit man!! **sigh.. anywhooooo, I'll catch ya guys later, gotta jump in the shower! hmmmm... sarap!!!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


I am so pumped up right now... so in the mood to type away! why?? why do I feel like that when I don't have anything to say?? LOL!! this is just a quick update on the Master Cleanse Diet I was blabbin about yesterday... well, I am not doin it no more... told you! just a quick update... LOL! why else? coz I gave in to temptations... the sad part is what I gave in to - sopas!! not to cake, not to chocolates, not to any dessert but to friggin SOPAS!!! sad, I know!! I can't even control myself with that! I dunno why but I did pretty good when I did it the first time... I think it was coz I was workin at that time & so I was at work most of the day, I didn't really give myself a chance to get tempted with anything... I stayed in my car at lunch time & just read a book... or maybe I gave in coz I got weak (literally) & got hella hungry... plus ate Jen telling me to stop doin it, to just eat & do P90X did not help... LOL! but I listened to her... because today I put on my workout gear, slid the CardioX P90X DVD in the player & sweat my ass off like no tomorrow... & then I ate 2 soft tacos from Taco de Mexico... yes, instead of eating all 4, I only ate half the order... **pats back... so to conclude: I am not gonna do the detox diet right now, I am not gonna bore you with anymore plans to get skinny... I'll probably just update you when I finally get on a routine & when I finally see results...

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


it was scorchin hot today, it's not even funny!! I checked the weather & it's mother effin 94 degs right mother effin now... then I checked Manila & it says 77 degs... what the heck is goin on?? this can only mean pesteng summer is here & I'm not even ready!! I still have to lose weight... as you all probably noticed, at the beginning of this blog I talked about being on the P90X workout & that topic slowly diminished... well, you probably guessed what happened & more than likely, you guessed it right... yup! we stopped doin it... I don't really remember what happened but I think we skipped a session & when you skip a session, it's over! you'll have an excuse to skip another one, then another...
anyhow, I decided to do the Master Cleanser detox/diet again... I
did this back in November of '08 & I got good results... everyone noticed too!! I did it for 10 days & if I can remember correctly, I lost about 9lbs... I know right?!? 9lbs in 10 days!! that's pretty awesome!! you can be on this detox/diet for a minimum of 10 days & a maximum of 45... this program does not only make you lose weight, it also gets rid of unnecessary toxins in your body... for all the good stuff about this program, Google!!...

this is all I can consume for the whole day... =( my breakfast, lunch & dinner...

this drink is made of:

60 oz of filtered water

12 tbsp fresh squeezed lemon juice

12 tbsp organic grade B maple syrup

1 tsp cayenne pepper

so you ask, what made me do this diet again?? because I'm getting so friggin fat!! you shoulda seen the look in my mom's face when she first saw me when we picked them up at LAX... & the first thing she said to me was.... "nakah!! mantaba mo!!" not i miss you, not even a hi or hello... straight up told me I got big!! OMG mother!! thanks!! I love her for being so honest though... see, if she didn't tell me then I would keep sitting on my lazy pwet until I get heavier... what am I gonna do without my Nanay... LOL!!

anyways, my starting weight is ......................

ahhhh... you thought I was gonna give that away that easy?!? hells no!!! you have to pay me a million to get that info from me... LOL!! well, peoples, I guess I'll just have to keep you posted on this... please pray for me... pray that I don't give in to any temptations... LOL!

Monday, April 20, 2009


didn't I just say I was done buying makeup for the whole year or until I get a job?? well, I lied!!! LOL!! I just saw a deal that I couldn't pass up... most of the L'Oreal products at Long's drugstore are 75% off... 75% off sale kicks the BOGO free & the 50% off sale's asses right?! you get 4 for the price of one, now that is one awesome deal!! so I got 3 of the Jelly Balms in the H.I.P. line - 2 in Plush(1 of which I gave to the sis-in-law, ate Jen) & 1 in Succulent... I love the colors & the scent... I am not so fond of the packaging however, coz compared to the regular lipglosses that has it's own applicator, this one you have to dip your finger in to get the product... but whatever! I guess for the sake of uniqueness...

Friday, April 17, 2009


the family are back from the P.I., so we had to pick them up from LAX (actually yesterday, Thursday 4/16) & as promised by the baby daddy, we stopped by the Camarillo outlets... well mainly for the kids... as I've mentioned in my previous posts, Devean is to start kinder come end of summer & that boy is getting taller everyday so we have to get him some new clothes... went to the Children's Place & Vans & did some serious damage on their clothes & shoes, which is totally ok, better than the money going to mommy's cosmetic addiction... well, I still let some go to that addiction coz.....

I stopped by the Cosmetics Company Store... why the heck not?! I told Davi, I would just look around coz last time I didn't buy anything, so I was pretty sure I wasn't gonna find anything again...

or so I thought........
did a little bit of damage... not too too much... I really had to control myself coz otherwise I would've gotten more stuff... I don't know why I didn't find anything the first time I went there... maybe it was coz the sales associate already ruined it for me, or maybe they had to restock at that time... well, this time I found some brushes, eyeshadows, blushes... things that I didn't see or maybe notice the last time...

eyeshadows in Star by Night and Mink & Sable
(from the MAC STARFLASH fall 08 collection)
CCO price = $10.25
MAC price = $14.50
& the swatches... excuse the hairy hand(LOL!) & the bad lighting...

Mineralize Skinfinish (MSF) in Medium/Natural & Shimmer
& Paint Pot in Painterly
CCO price = $18.75 + $11.75
MAC price = $25.00 + $16.50

& a couple of blushes

in Secret Blush and Feeling
CCO price = $12.25
MAC price = $18.00

no folks! baby daddy does not beat me up.. those are not bruises... LOL!! just swatches of the blushes
(from L to R) Secret Blush, Feeling

lip gloss in Babied
CCO price = $11.75
MAC price = $14.00 - $18.00

TLC (tinted lip conditioner) in Strobe Rays
CCO price = $11.75
MAC price = $13.50
I saved over $30 from the CCO versus the MAC stores.. woot!!
I think I'm done for the whole year or maybe until I find a job that will support this crazy addiction... =)

Monday, April 13, 2009


yet another EOTD(eye of the day) post... this time it's purple

let's get straight to it coz I'm gettin hella tired....


[ face ]
Clinique dramatically different moisturizing gel
Smashbox color correcting foundation primer
Revlon ColorStay (normal/dry) in MEDIUM/BEIGE
Beauty Blender sponge
Caudalie Beauty Elixir

[ eyes ]
Urban Decay Primer Potion
Revlon cream shadow in PRECIOUS METALS(base)
Loew-Cornell maxine's mop brush 3/8
E.L.F. blending brush
Jane e/s in MIDNIGHT(outer V)
Image Essentials pencil brush
Wet n Wild e/s in CREAM(highlight)
Face Secrets eye contour brush
Smashbox cream eyeliner in CAVIAR(upper lash line)
Sephora angle liner brush
Diamond Cosmetics kohl eyeliner(waterline)
Wet n Wild brow liner in DARK BROWN
E.L.F. eyebrow wand
some random eyelash curler
Maybelline Lash Stiletto mascara(upper & lower)
Ardell falsies in WISPIES
LashGrip eyelash adhesive

[ cheeks ]
Physician's Formula multi-colored bronzer
Sephora bronzer brush (44)
Clinique young face powder blusher in PINK BLUSH
Coastal Scents Pink stippling brush

[ lips ]
Carmex lip moisturizer
NYX lipgloss in NATURAL

and for your viewing pleasure...... or not!

and my favorite ones, for some reason... LOL!!!

Sunday, April 12, 2009


that's right! my baby is now 3 years old, he doesn't seem to believe so... when I asked him how old Deion is, he said nothin' so I tried to coach him & said, "is Deion 3?" he answered with a big "NO!" & said he is 4... LOL! gosh!! please, not yet! I can't see this one going to school, I mean he is the braver one of the two but it's me, I really don't see myself to easily let go of the fact that he's really growing up... & plus he better get potty trained first before he turns 4... awwwww... my baby... =(

Daddy was too sick to do anything & the friends were not feelin' Japanese (3 of 'em are in LA for the Lakers game, it was the wedding anniversary of the other 2 & 1 is workaholic... yes, it is you! you know who you are!! LOL!!)... so I just decided to order for pick up....

went to our favorite Jap resto in town - Atari-Ya... ordered the Nigiri Sushi A for Davi
some Crunchy Calamari Roll for moi
& the Tonkatsu/Tempura combo for the kiddies

our friend Keiko(the owner) was very nice to add a couple of YanYans for the monsters... she's super sweet! she's always hookin us up... one time she gave me some chopstix that has pretty Japanese designs on 'em... when I refused to take 'em... she insisted & said, "prrreease take it, coz I reerry reerry ryk you!!"... awww... but when I went back to buy Davi one, she let me pay for it... LOL! she's so cute!! check them out at ... you'll also see Davi's long lost fa-jah - Yuki(the executive sushi chef)!! LOL!! just messin... they do resemble each other though... go see for yourself....

I heart Atari-Ya! they are the best!!!!!!