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Hello fellow makeup junkies!! Welcome to my blog - A Daily Dose of Kaartehan (kaartehan = vanity)... This is my tiny slice of the world wide web where I celebrate being a girl & also where I store my boo-hoos & blah-blahs... I am a mother of 2 awesome boys who loves makeup & anything pretty... I am a certified MUA not MakeUp Artist, but a certified MakeUp Addict... If you are looking for a good read, hence the title of this blog, you are in the wrong place... So get out!! LOL... otherwise, thanks for droppin by & I hope you enjoy my blog!

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Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Sephora don't care whether a person is unemployed or not... it'll lure you in no matter what because Sephora don't understand.... LOL... man! I'm telling you, cosmetic addiction is no joke.. it's no different to being addicted with illegal drugs, gambling or alcohol... it'll take your money until you hit rock bottom... man! I dunno why I listen to these makeup gurus who tell you to embrace this kind of addiction... LOL.... just playin ladies!! still love you & all y'all's work....
that is why I did a lot of embracing last week & I got a lotta lovin back.....

What it is: A warm coral-pink powder that warms up your complexion.
What it does: Take a tropical pleasure trip with CORALista. Sweep this warm coral pink powder onto cheeks anytime, anywhere. Move your brush to the beat & turn up the heat... bikini optional!
EVIAN Large Mineral Water Spray
At work: Evian's delightful cool mist rehydrates skin suffering from overheated or dry office air. It also revives your makeup throughout the day, and keeps you looking fresh by replenishing that much needed moisture.
At play: A cleansing mist of Evian Mineral Water Spray removes perspiration, harmful salt or chlorine, and instantly soothes and rehydrates sun-burned or wind-chapped skin.
BENEFIT Eye Bright
What it is: A pink perk-me-up stick to brighten the eyes.
What it does: Benefit Eye Bright has a pop of pink that brightens your eyes and your spirits instantaneously.
What else you need to know: It's like a nap in a stick—keep it handy for afternoon touch-ups.
STILA Kajal Eye Liner (Onyx)
These richly hued pencils are formulated to mimic the ultra-soft texture of the Indian eye darkener of the same name. The luscious formula glides on perfectly, without dragging across the fragile skin of the eye area. Delivers bold, clear, true color that easily blends and beautifies. here is the swatcheroo of the Benefit Eye Bright & the Stila Kajal Eyeliner:
and I got this as a sample:

What it is: A paraben-free, lash-volumizing mascara.
What it does: Bare Escentuals Buxom® Lash Mascara - Blackest Black holds the style of your lashes for a continuous 12 hours with no flakiness. The silky, vitamin-rich formula darkens, lengthens, and thickens from root to tip without ever clumping. Its patented, hourglass-shaped brush is designed to lift and separate every lash while delivering the perfect amount of antioxidant-rich mascara needed for bigger, fuller lashes.
What else you need to know: It Intensely volumizes lashes up to 300%.

just side note..... I just wanna say that I hate it when people have something negative to say about positive things that people love, about other people's passion.... I say, 'who cares?!?!' though... you gotta do what makes you happy... this is what makes me happy... so why don't we all just live & let live... we all have our own prerogative... I don't say shit about what you do with your life, your money.... so respect what I do with mine.... capisce?!?

read this short article for some tips on Cosmetic Addiction...

Tuesday, August 11, 2009


my sister from China, who by the way lost access to her blogspot account, which we both cried about for a whole month, sent me some goods from ova there... Juicy Couture bags & other designer handbags, cute summer dresses-slash-skirts & Maxi dresses, accessories & Roxy flip flops... stuff that I was gonna try & sell on eBay... with all those stuff are some accessories she included just for me... just wanted to share them to you guys....

and the accessories in these mannequins... sorry! I'm getting tired  of taking individual pictures, so I just grabbed it from these pictures for now...
hope you liked them... more of these posts to come!!

Thursday, August 6, 2009


did you know that 'loot' spelled backwards is 'tool'?? & did you know that words that are spelled the same when spelled backwards are called 'PALINDROMES'??? hahaha... connection please!?!?! hahaha... I know I'm a dork!!

hmmm... I just had an idea, I should do a segment called "DID YOU KNOW?"... that would be fun!! LOL
when I'm bored at home & doesn't have much money to spend, what do I do? I go out & hit the drugstores, buy some more makeup shit when I should just spend the little money I got on a set of handcuffs (or even better a tranquilizer).... so when I get the itch to buy stuff I can just cuff my self to a post & swallow the key... LOL...

so yeee, I did my rounds at Target & Wal-Mart this time and here are the stuff that I got... thank G, I didn't really see a lotta stuff...

StudioTools CONTOUR BRUSH & ANGLED LINER BRUSH.. I love this line of brushes from Target, they're cheap yet quality brushes... both of these brushes are probably only less than 5 bucks...

I got this coz I heard it makes precise line on the lash line... okay, I'm lyin!! I got it coz it looks cool!! I mean a bent brush?! hell yeah!! the question is, will I be able to work this brush?? hahaha... I guess we'll see...
most of you know that I already have the Beauty Blender sponges from Sephora from a while back... I've been using it with liquid foundations & I haven't had any problems with it, in fact, I love it! the only thing that irritates me is the cleaning part, now as most of you Revlon-ColorStay-wearers know, that particular foundation really "colorstays", yes even on the sponge... so I decided I would use the more expensive blender sponge for foundations that don't stick & buy a dupe for the ones that gets the sponge discolored... this one is like $10-20 cheaper than the sponge from Sephora...
I also got the Dr. Bronner's PURE-CASTILLE SOAP coz I am running low on my blendercleanser... I heard this is a good cleanser not only for the sponge but for brushes as well... it is also a 18-in-1 cleanser... I have yet to figure out the other 17 purposes of this cleanser but I'm pretty sure I'll figure it out eventually...
since I needed a good sunblock for the summer time, I got the Aveeno SUNBLOCK LOTION... SPF 55 should be purrdy good...

and finally the Revlon CONTOUR BRUSH, which I got from Wal-Mart... this probably cost me less than 3 bucks... the essence of BEAUTY POWDER BRUSH was from CVS... I bought this a few days earlier, it went on sale for less than $5 [I think] so I grabbed it to add to my cheek contour brush collection...
and that's it for this loot folks!! 'til next beezehhs!!