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Hello fellow makeup junkies!! Welcome to my blog - A Daily Dose of Kaartehan (kaartehan = vanity)... This is my tiny slice of the world wide web where I celebrate being a girl & also where I store my boo-hoos & blah-blahs... I am a mother of 2 awesome boys who loves makeup & anything pretty... I am a certified MUA not MakeUp Artist, but a certified MakeUp Addict... If you are looking for a good read, hence the title of this blog, you are in the wrong place... So get out!! LOL... otherwise, thanks for droppin by & I hope you enjoy my blog!

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Wednesday, April 22, 2009


I am so pumped up right now... so in the mood to type away! why?? why do I feel like that when I don't have anything to say?? LOL!! this is just a quick update on the Master Cleanse Diet I was blabbin about yesterday... well, I am not doin it no more... told you! just a quick update... LOL! why else? coz I gave in to temptations... the sad part is what I gave in to - sopas!! not to cake, not to chocolates, not to any dessert but to friggin SOPAS!!! sad, I know!! I can't even control myself with that! I dunno why but I did pretty good when I did it the first time... I think it was coz I was workin at that time & so I was at work most of the day, I didn't really give myself a chance to get tempted with anything... I stayed in my car at lunch time & just read a book... or maybe I gave in coz I got weak (literally) & got hella hungry... plus ate Jen telling me to stop doin it, to just eat & do P90X did not help... LOL! but I listened to her... because today I put on my workout gear, slid the CardioX P90X DVD in the player & sweat my ass off like no tomorrow... & then I ate 2 soft tacos from Taco de Mexico... yes, instead of eating all 4, I only ate half the order... **pats back... so to conclude: I am not gonna do the detox diet right now, I am not gonna bore you with anymore plans to get skinny... I'll probably just update you when I finally get on a routine & when I finally see results...

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  1. Hi sweetie!!! Just give me your paypal address and I'll invoice you through there for the PP :)


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