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Friday, April 17, 2009


the family are back from the P.I., so we had to pick them up from LAX (actually yesterday, Thursday 4/16) & as promised by the baby daddy, we stopped by the Camarillo outlets... well mainly for the kids... as I've mentioned in my previous posts, Devean is to start kinder come end of summer & that boy is getting taller everyday so we have to get him some new clothes... went to the Children's Place & Vans & did some serious damage on their clothes & shoes, which is totally ok, better than the money going to mommy's cosmetic addiction... well, I still let some go to that addiction coz.....

I stopped by the Cosmetics Company Store... why the heck not?! I told Davi, I would just look around coz last time I didn't buy anything, so I was pretty sure I wasn't gonna find anything again...

or so I thought........
did a little bit of damage... not too too much... I really had to control myself coz otherwise I would've gotten more stuff... I don't know why I didn't find anything the first time I went there... maybe it was coz the sales associate already ruined it for me, or maybe they had to restock at that time... well, this time I found some brushes, eyeshadows, blushes... things that I didn't see or maybe notice the last time...

eyeshadows in Star by Night and Mink & Sable
(from the MAC STARFLASH fall 08 collection)
CCO price = $10.25
MAC price = $14.50
& the swatches... excuse the hairy hand(LOL!) & the bad lighting...

Mineralize Skinfinish (MSF) in Medium/Natural & Shimmer
& Paint Pot in Painterly
CCO price = $18.75 + $11.75
MAC price = $25.00 + $16.50

& a couple of blushes

in Secret Blush and Feeling
CCO price = $12.25
MAC price = $18.00

no folks! baby daddy does not beat me up.. those are not bruises... LOL!! just swatches of the blushes
(from L to R) Secret Blush, Feeling

lip gloss in Babied
CCO price = $11.75
MAC price = $14.00 - $18.00

TLC (tinted lip conditioner) in Strobe Rays
CCO price = $11.75
MAC price = $13.50
I saved over $30 from the CCO versus the MAC stores.. woot!!
I think I'm done for the whole year or maybe until I find a job that will support this crazy addiction... =)

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