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Friday, July 30, 2010


Make Up For Ever Mat Velvet + foundation - #35
MAC Studio Sculpt concealer - NC30
MAC Mineralized Skinfinish Natural - Medium
LUSH Tea Tree Water ~ finishing spray
Pro 6 Color Contour/Blush palette - X ~ bronzer/contour
Pro 6 Color Contour/Blush palette - XX ~ blusher
Pro 6 Color Contour/Blush palette - XXX ~ highlight
Benefit F.Y...eye! Ultimate e/s Base
NYX Jumbo Pencil - Milk
Pro 88 Matte e/s palette - a ~ inner corner
Pro 88 Matte e/s palette - b ~ all over lid
Pro 88 Matte e/s palette - c ~ outer corner
Pro 88 Matte e/s palette - d ~ contour / outer lower lash
Pro 88 Matte e/s palette - e ~ crease to blend / inner lower lash
Pro 88 Matte e/s palette - f ~ highlight
MAC Fluidline - Blacktrack ~ upper lash line
Maybelline NY Define-A-Line - Ebony Black ~ lower lash line / tightline
Maybelline NY the Falsies Volum' Express mascara - Very Black
Wet n Wild Ultimate Brow Kit - Ash Brown (used lighter brown & gel only)
NYX Round lipstick - Power
NYX Diamond Sparkle lipgloss - Fuschia Sparkle

in different angles, lightning & camera settings...

it was my first time trying out the sample of MUFE Mat Velvet + foundation #35 that I got from Sephora from back in April (see post HERE)... & I must say, I love it! I want it! I need it! must have it ASAP!

~ I love how smooth & easy it applied on my skin
~ for a thin layer, it provides full coverage
~ I didn't even need to apply concealer after (used concealer only for under eye on this look)
~ made my face look super flawless without looking too made up
~ felt very matte, perfect for girls who have oily skin like moi!
~ matte finish is perfect for the summer
~ not sticky
~ feels very light
~ no foul smell

~ the only thing I didn't like about this foundation is that it's not photo ready like the MUFE HD foundation, but can't really complain about that as this foundation was not specifically made for that picture-ready face, instead, for a mattified non-greasy finish
~ although it doesn't look that good in pictures, my face looks amazingly flawless in person... I promise!

as mentioned, this is the first time I tried this foundation, so I would probably need to use it some more to give a fair review.... however, sadly I cannot do that as my sample is probably good for only one more application... so if I decided to purchase this, I would definitely do a review after several uses....

Wednesday, July 28, 2010


TARA from Beneath the Sun is having another giveaway... I've always been so curious about the Essence brand nail polishes, but I'm not sure if this brand is even available in the U.S., if they are I don't know where I can find them... so I thought I'd join another giveaway! hahaha... I'm just totally going thru a giveaway phase... I guess I'm just preparing for my own... I dunno!

anyhoo... click HERE for details & to join her giveaway.... ending August 7th....

Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Tara from Beneath the Sun blog is having a O.P.I. Mini Takeout Giveaway.... this is probably the cutest giveaway I've ever seen... besides the fact that she is givin away cute little itty bitty O.P.I. nail polishes, the packaging is also oh so cute, it has a mini Toadie... my kids are so into the whole Wii Mario thing right now... & I've always thought Toad is sooooo cute.....
tee hee

anyhoo... getting way out of topic here....

so go check out her giveaway by clicking HERE or on the picture of her giveaway on the side bar.... hurry coz this cute giveaway ends July 30th.

Monday, July 26, 2010


summer is almost over & I realzed that all I've been wearing on my nails are dark colored nail polishes... so I went to my n/p bin & found FOR AUDREY which I don't think I've worn since I bought it a while back (see that haul post HERE)

Seche Base Ridge Filling Base Coat
China Glaze - FOR AUDREY
Seche Vite Dry Fast top Coat

I took a few pictures of my nails & not quite sure why a few came out like this...
all pictures were taken with the same lighting, in fact I didn't even move in between shots.... it's weird but I kinda like it though.... this is probably my favorite summer nail polish color... what is yours????

Saturday, July 24, 2010



Monistat Chafing Relief powder-gel ~as primer
Make Up For Ever HD foundation - #123
MAC Studio Sculpt concealer - NC30
MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural - Medium
Evian facial spray

Benefit Hoola bronzing powder
MAC Sheertone Shimmer blush - Peachykeen
NARS blush - Albatross ~highlight

MAC Paint Pot - Painterly
MAC eyeshadow - Handwritten ~all over lid color
CoverGirl eye enhancer - Turquoise Tempest ~crease color (see swatches HERE)
MAC eyeshadow - Rice Paper ~highlight color
Diamond Cosmetics Kohl eye liner - Black
Wet n Wild liquid eyeliner - Turquoise
CoverGirl Lashblast mascara - Very Black
Imju Fiberwig mascara
MAC eye shadow Handwritten ~for the brows

Smith's Rosebud Salve
MAC lipstick - Myth
NARS lip gloss - Turkish Delight

& for the camwhore luvvaaaaahhsss.....

I was not originally plannin on putting on the Wet n Wild liquid eyeliner... it was last minute when I thought about it.... when everything has already been done... so this is what it looks like when you put colored liquid eyeliner on after the mascara.... it kinda looked messy but at the same time it made it look like I was wearing colored mascara.... also, doesn't it look more green than turquoise?? (see swatch HERE

& for a more wearable look, I just took off the eyeshadows applied over the entire lid & kinda left a little bit of the turquoise eyeliner....

then, applied a different lipstick with a little bit more color to it... I used the Revlon Colorburst lipstick in Carnation (see haul post HERE) with a little bit of NYX Jumbo Pencil in Milk to lighten the color a little bit...

all ready for poker night with the guys.... =)

have a fun Saturday night ladies!!!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010


JEN is having her 500+ Followers Appreciation Giveaway & just check out these awesome prizes & tell my why I should stop posting giveaway alerts like this?! LOL....

she will be picking 3 lucky winners,1 for the Grand Prize & 2 Runner-Ups.... so there's more chances of snagging these awesome items... go check out her giveaway by clicking HERE... her giveaway ends August 16th....

also, while you're at her blog site, don't forget to check out her EOTD/LOTD's... she does awesome looks!!! I guarantee, you'll enjoy her blog posts....

Goodluck ladies! may the best gal win!

Friday, July 16, 2010


I had my very first manicure client today.... (well with the exception of my Mom) - Kaytlee, a pretty little girl that's really close to the family... her Mom often asks my Mom to watch her while she's at work... she's the same age as Devean (my eldest) so they get along really well...
(I had to blur out her face as I did not ask her Mom for permission yet...) 

I was actually in the room doin my nails when she walked in & saw me.. so of course, being a girly girl that she is, she excitedly invited herself to watch what I was doin.... I asked her if she wanted me to paint her nails, she nodded with a big grin on her face... I was so excited!!! I even had her pick the color... when she saw all my nail polishes.. she was like "whoah!! why do you have so much? my Mommy have like 7!!" in amazement!!! hahaha... she's too cute! it was so much fun picking colors with her... she put all the pinks together, all the blues, the greens..... & then asked me "why do you have to have a lot of pinks, & a lot of blues, & a lot of greens??".. I just said "you'll understand why when you get older!" not knowing how to explain it to her.... LOL

anyhoo, she picked Wet n Wild's MORBID.... which was a total shock coz that is the color I already picked for my self!!! like honest to G!!! it was soooo crazy!! I swear we were havin a girl bonding moment... & this is why I want to have a daughter soooo bad! =(

(that's her in the back while waiting patiently for her nails to dry)

with mine, I planned to do matte this time.. so to change her's up, I decided to add the Sally Hansen Hidden Treasure on top.... then I used Nailene Acrylic Strong topcoat...

& for my NOTW:


Products Used:
Seche Base Ridge Filling base coat
Wet n Wild nail color Morbid
Essie Matte About You

applied one coat of Seche Base

applied first coat of Morbid

applied second coat of Morbid

applied first coat of Matte About You

after second coat of Matte About you & after a little clean up

the final result

I like how it's matte but didn't lose the glittery look of the nail polish.... maybe next time I'll try a polish with a solid color....

Monday, July 12, 2010


another giveaway alert post! sorry girls!! I don't mean to flood my blog with giveaway posts but I think this month I'm goin through a joining-giveaways phase.... I realized that after posting four back-to-back giveaway alerts... I had to stop! BUT I saw this awesome one! trust me it's worth posting about this one all dayyyy.... LOL

Elle of ELLEHEARTSBLOGS is having her COACH-POPPY, YSL, CHANEL giveaway in honor of her first 100 followers.... she has amazing prizes worth $300 & she will be adding some more goodies until the contest is over.... this giveaway ends August 25th... there's tons of ways to join so go check out her blog by clicking HERE to see details of this awesome giveaway!

Goodluck to all of us!! =)

Friday, July 9, 2010


Kaitlyn Maness is havin her 200 follower giveaway!

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SPRINKLEOFGLITTER is havin her 500 follower giveaway!!

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Justine at PRODUCTRATER is having a 100 follower giveaway... she has some awesome items to give away... also, what's great about this giveaway is that there are 3 sets of prizes, so she will be choosing 3 bloggers to win.... yay for more chances of winning!!! so if I were you, I would go visit her blog to join the giveaway...

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Thursday, July 8, 2010


The lovely Krystyle of SIPPINONKRYSTYLES is havin her 100+ followers giveaway... & I almost almost missed it!! the giveaway is ending tomorrow so hurry & stop by her cool blog to see details of the giveaway...

make sure you follow her, not only because of the giveaway but coz Krystyle is cool peeps!! I like her!! she always always makes it a point to leave sweet comments whenever she stops by my blog.... she's a sweetheart!!

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out of boredom, I created this EOTD today...


MAC Paint Pot - Painterly
NYX Jumbo Pencil - Milk
Wet n Wild Color Icon e/s - Lagoon
MAC e/s - Handwritten
MAC e/s - Nylon
MAC Fluidline - Blacktrack
CoverGirl LashBlast - Very Black
Maybelline Lash Stiletto - Soft Black
Wet n Wild Kohl Brow - Dark Brown

I was just bored but I was lazy too, so I only did my eyes...

no face makeup whatsoever except for a tinted moisturizer (CoverGirl CG Smoothers SPF15 Tinted Moisture in light to medium)... so you are so lucky, you get to see my almost-bare-face today!
that's no concealing no blemishes for you...

heck! I didn't even fix my hair....

ooOoo my chubby cheeks need contouring... 

& what the heck is that white patch right above my right eye?!?! hahahaha...

just thought it would be fun to do this.....
can you tell how bored I was??? hahaha...

but yeah, just thought I'd mention...

I reached 200 followers!!!!!!
thank you soooo much my loves!!
I appreciate y'all sooo mucho!!

& to express my gratitude, a giveaway is in the works... I know, I know! I've already mentioned a giveaway when I hit 150, but June was just a busy month for me to even do anything... it was my man's birthday, our anniversary, father's day & not to mention my in-laws visited in two separate weekends in June... also, I have started looking for a job just recently... so you can probably imagine how hectic the past month was for me... so forgive me & I hope that what I have in store for you is enough to make it up to you all....