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Friday, May 1, 2009


watch my little boy, Deion have fun with my blow dryer... LOL!! he always goes in the bathroom while I'm blow dryin my hair... he has a blast every time I point the blow dryer(on COOL of course!) on his face... I made sure I show that the blow dryer was on COOL (at 00:30 of the video) just in case some child endangerment issue may arise... LOL!! my baby boy just turned 3 last month & we still haven't cut his hair... he doesn't want his Daddy or anyone to, but I think it's mainly coz Mommee won't be able to let go... it happened with my first born - Devean... I let his hair grow too, it was long & curly... it was cuuuute!! but everybody told me to cut it after he was a year old, they all said, he looks like a girl & that he's not supposed to have long hair, blah blah blah blah blah... I didn't wanna listen to them, but eventually I gave in... so their Dad cut his hair & I regret that so bad! he lost his cute curls... big time sad face!! so now, with Deion, I didn't wanna do the same mistake... the only problem is I think I got too attached to his hair that I don't ever wanna cut it.... hehehe...

here is Devean at 4 months... he already has so much hair

and at 5 months....

and here he is, 10 months old... you can see his curls

Deion: "Mommy come here!"
Mommy me: "No, I'm blowin my hair dry!" (01:38/01:51)..... LOL!!!
laugh all you want, we all have our F.O.B. moments..... hahaha

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