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Wednesday, April 1, 2009


I think I'm inlove again... Adam Lambert from American Idol was so dreamy last week, I loved his performance.. I dunno if it was the new look or just the way he sang so differently from the past weeks... he was too dark(not the complexion but the style/makeup) & too rock for me at first... but when he started going easy on the guy liner (although it suits him), just a little bit, he looked way hotter! I also love the way he's been stylin his hair since last week... he kinda looks like a modern version of Elvis Presley,

& when he sang.........

OMG!! this blew me the fudge away.... **sigh**... you can totally hear his very nice voice here unlike when he's doin rock songs where he yells almost the entire song... but whatevers! I still love him... I dunno why it took me a week though before I posted this video of his previous performance...

yum yum right?!
anyhow... while Adam Lambert made me drool last week, Danny Gokey is still my man, every week... LOL! I think he is the total Idol material... I think he will make it through the end with or without my vote...

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