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Sunday, September 26, 2010


in my search for a website where I can purchase some O.P.I. nail polishes, specifically the You Don't Know Jacques color, I happened to stumble upon the 8ty8 Beauty Supply website again, a website that I've had a wishlist of all kinds of different nail polishes from.... & because I could not find a decent website, that offers decent price on O.P.I.s, I just decided to satisfy my 8ty8 Beauty drool list that I've been keeping for a while now....

I must say I was very happy with the whole experience with this company... aside from the very cheap prices of the nail polishes, the delivery time was very fast...
  • I placed the order Saturday, September 18th... I received a confirmation email that same day... 
  • given that the order was placed on a weekend, they probably did not start processing the order until Monday, the 20th... (they also informed me that one of the items I ordered was unavailable - China Glaze Midnight Ride, it was a total bummer coz it was one of the few that I really really wanted to get... so I just decided to replace it with the Re-Fresh Mint....)...
  • I received an invoice that same day...
  • got a shipping notification the next day, September 21st..then received this package from the mail on Friday, September 24th...

so the total turnaround time was 5 business days..... that was super fast in my opinion

shipping fee for 9 bottles is $11.00, next break is $13.00 for 10 - 24 bottles....
most of the China Glaze nail polishes are priced at $2.68 per bottle....
$24.12 for all 9 bottles that I ordered + $11.00 S&H = $35.12 altogether....
they didn't charge me any sales tax...
so that means I paid $3.90 for each bottle... which beats Sally Beauty Supply's price of $4.49 + tax for Beauty Club Card holders.... I say that's a helluva good deal!

the items were very carefully packaged....

secured in a plastic bubble wrap...

then placed in CG signature boxes that they even filled with papers to hold the bottles in place...

here are the colors I got....

from L - R



here is an image of the nail polish that I was supposed to get instead of the Re-Fresh Mint... isn't it gorjjjj?!?! I was so disappointed to learn that it wasn't available... so I shall add this on to my drool list... =)


& here are the other ones that I am adding to my drool list... they are also out of these at 8ty8 Beauty... =(



oh yeah & just a teaser, this is how WAGON TRAIL looks like....
**gasp** uh-maazing right?!?

images are stolen from Scrangie's blog, another nail polish blog I loooove... doesn't she have mad n/p application skills??? damn! I wish I can apply my n/p's that nice & neat....

all four of these are included in the Rodeo Diva Collection from Fall of oh-eight! I'm so glad they are still accessible until now... (if you haven't seen this collection, click HERE to see complete swatches at Scrangie's blog)... all colors from this collection are to die for!! doncha think??

thanks for sharing these awesome swatches Scrange! (notice how I called her Scrange?? like Ange is to Angie?? just like how people shorten a close friend's name... LOL... yeah, me & Scrange are tight like that!! hahaha)

as for my own swatches, I would do it as I go with my NOTWs or NOTDs... whenever I feel like wearing whatever color...

and to conclude this purchase, I say I had a very good experience with 8ty8 Beauty Supply company.... the transaction was very smooth... I'm glad I purchased from them & I can confidently say that I will be repurchasing in the future....

have you ordered from this company before??? was your experience pleasant like mine??

what color are you most excited to see me swatch???

Saturday, September 25, 2010



Monistat Chafing Relief Powder-Gel (as primer)
MAC Studio Fix Fluid foundation : NC30
Studio Sculpt concealer : NC30
MAC Powder blush : Blunt (contour)
MAC Mineralize blush : Fad-Dabulous (blush)
NARS blush : Albatross (highlight)
Evian Mineral Water facial spray (not included in picture)

MAC Paint Pot : Painterly
Wet n Wild Color Icon Palette : Greed
MAC Fluidline : Blacktrack
Diamond Cometics Kohl eye liner : Black
Shiseido Lasting Lift mascara : Black
Maybelline NY The Colossal Volum' Express mascara : Classic Black
E.L.F. Eyebrow Kit : Dark
E.L.F. Wet Gloss Lash & Brow Clear mascara

EOS Lip Balm : Summer Fruit
MAC lipstick : Creme d 'Nude
E.L.F. Super Glossy Lip Shine : Iced Latte

~ picture overkill ~

I was too lazy to do editing... all the pictures are in their original form... you can see some of my flaws... & as you may notice, some of the pictures don't even have watermarks... some of them have different fonts... LOL... but I hope you enjoyed this look.....

have a great weekend y'all!!

Friday, September 24, 2010


Rite-Aid is havin a BOGO free on all their NYC makeup products.... & of course I had to get atleast a few just to enjoy the sale...

here are the items I picked up...

Love Letters X2
I already own this & fell inlove with it as soon as I tried it on.... I first saw this in DEEZ NAILZ' blog, one of my most favorite nail polish blogs.... I borrowed an image of when she swatched Love Letters on top of a Sinful Colors nail polish on THIS POST...  
isn't it gorgeous??? I love Deez Nailz' blog, she does an amazing nail polish application, makes a lot of cool Frankens & swatches different nail polishes, old & new... go check her out, I'm pretty sure you'll love her blog too...

anyhoo, because I like it so much, I got 2 more to include on the prizes(that I've been hoarding for a while now) for my giveaway.... **wink**

Purple Pizzazz - Frost (L)
Skin Tight Denim - Creme (R)

Blushable Creme Stick X2
Plaza Pink (L)
Big Apple Blush (R)
I might also pick up the Pink Flash & Wild Berry shades...

have you gone to Rite-Aid this week yet??? what did you get from the sale??

Wednesday, September 22, 2010


China Glaze

Sally Hansen Double Duty base & top coat (used only as base)
China Glaze Frostbite
Nailene Acrylic Strong topcoat

dunno why it's comin out like this with the flash on... but it does not look like this in real life... LOL

this is how it really looks like... I must say I like it better this way... I don't like it way too shiny as pictured above...

here are more pictures to show real color...

edited (auto-fix only)... I guess it just changes the lighting... but if you really look closely at the color of the nail polish, it stayed the same... only a bit more vibrant in the edited picture....

I am not too inlove with this color... I say, I like O.P.I.'s YOGA-TA GET THIS BLUE better (see post HERE)... for some reason I tend to go back to darker colors most of the time... not really a fan of chrome-y/shiny colors when it comes to nail polishes... if it's gonna be shiny, it has to be in a dark shade... but that's just weird ol' me...

how about you?? do you dig this color?? 

Monday, September 20, 2010


another GIVEAWAY ALERT for y'all!!!

check out these awesome prizes at FunnyFace Beauty... there's no way you'll leave her site without entering this giveaway!!
I dunno about u... but I want me a Naked palette!!! so, Imma keep entering these Naked giveaways hoping that I win one!! LOL

but actually, I don't mind winning the other stuff either, MAC stuff & that cute makeup bag??!?!! shoot!

this giveaway ends October 10th... so what are u waiting for?? click on the link for details on how to enter...

Goodluck ladies!

Friday, September 17, 2010


I got yet another Sunshine Award from the beautiful MARIE of Marie Loves Makeup... this is my second one!! YAY!!

thank you so much doll!! I appreciate all the love...

this is for you.... ***ppphhhhwa!***

I tag all my lovely 299 followers!! one more & I will soon hit the big 300!! WOOT WOOT!!! awwww.... thank u so much to the beautiful ladies of the makeup blog world!! I appreciate each one of you!!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010


WINNIE of is havin her 200 Followers Giveaway...

here are the awesome prizes....

I've always been sooo curious about them Beauty Diary Masks & since I dunno how/where I can get them (& haven't really done any research on it), I thought what better way than joining this amazing giveaway & get a chance on getting these Beauty Diary Masks for free... or better yet, a Coach wristlet... =)

so if I were you, I would go check out her blog & enter this cool giveaway... click HERE to see details...

giveaway is open internationally.... ends October 15th....

Saturday, September 4, 2010


because I am the most indecisive person in the entire planet, I need help deciding...

to pierce or not to pierce???

I've been wanting to get a piercing so baaaad.... but I've been so scared... I've been wanting to do this for quite some time now, but I still can't make up my mind.... I know I really want it, but I'm uncertain about a few things:
1) what if I end up hatin it?? then that means I would have to live with a hole on my face?? a hole that I don't think any concealer can cover (??)....
2) what if something goes wrong at the tattoo/piercing place??? unsanitized tools?? aids?? disease?? eewww eeww eeeewww...
3) what if I get a person that's fairly new at the job?? oh no!! how would I know??? do I ask?? are they certified?? do they have those plaques that they hang like at the doctor's office??

I know!! I'm a dork but I can't help it... I am so skerrrdddd!!

should I?? or should I not??

next question would be..... labret??? or monroe????

here are a couple of pictures I edited to help me/you decide which one fits me best...

the side labret

the monroe
[excuse this picture... I probably should've made the stud(or whatever you call it) a little larger.. plus I dunno about the placement... I don't have a plaque! I'm not certified!! heh..]

HEEEELLLLPPPPPPP!! watcha think?? yay?? or nay??

I would appreciate any tips or pointers that you're willing to give me.... or if you have face piercings, please leave me a comment including the link where I can see a picture of it... I'd love to see how your's look like.... thanks in advance

Friday, September 3, 2010


the one thing I'm majorly droolin over for a while now is something that needs major major (Venus Raj style.. LOL) savin up......

have you ever seen anybody wearing this?? ugghhh... I would die if I see somebody wearing this, or worse yet, I would probably steal it from them... by cutting their ring finger!! mwahahahahaha... that's how bad I want this ring...

have you checked out The Current Custom website?? if you don't wanna drool, then don't click HERE... otherwise, click it!!!! LOL

they have a lot of cool stuff I've been droolin over for quite some time now... here are some pictures of the things I wanna get.... if I can! =(
click HERE to view their Disc collection

click HERE to view their Link Chain necklaces

click HERE to view their Love collection

click HERE to view their entire SYDNEY EVAN Jewelries

I love jewelries, but never have I imagined ever spending so much on a piece until I laid eyes on the 'love' ring.... **sigh*** oh when are you gonna be mine???? 

love love love love love..... I'm inlove with the 'love' ring... uhmmm... so if anybody's interested to make a donation towards the "A Daily Dose of Kaartehan 'love' ring foundation"... let me know... LOL

what are your major lemmings lately??? 


before the summer weather completely goes away....

Wet n Wild

Nail Magic Nail Hardener (base)
Wet n Wild Megalast nail color in CLUB HAVANA
Revlon Extra Life No Chip Top Coat

no flash
[picture taken before clean up... sorry!]

do you like Orange nail polish???