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Saturday, May 9, 2009


==== collective haul ====

from Walgreens [05/01/09]
4 Rimmel London Foundations
= $7.29+tax for both (BOGO free sale)
side note: I also got a couple of eye shadows by Milani in SHOCK & ATLANTIS @ $3.99+tax each (not on sale) but I already depotted them from it's original packaging into my MAC palette, so no pic available for these...
from K-Mart [today]
4 Rimmel London Stay Matte foundation = $6.79+tax
comes with a free Fix & Perfect foundation primer
[from left to right]
4dome eyeshadow brush = $4.99+tax
4 retractable lip brush = $3.99+tax
4 brow brush + eyebrow stencils = $4.99+tax (brush is not in picture as I lost it while doing my friend's makeup - watch out for the post on this soon)
& a few e.l.f. products
4 2 therapeutic conditioning balm in Strawberry Creme & Vanilla Creme
4 eyeshadow in Ivory
= $3+tax ($1 each)

from Rite-Aid [today]
CoverGirl lashblast mascaras
[from left to right]
4 lashblast luxe in Black Cabernet (w/ shimmers)
4 lashblast in Very Black
= $9.00+tax for both (BOGO free sale)
4 Ardell fashion lashes (100% human hair)
124 & 109
= $3.99 & 1.99+tax (BOGO 50% off sale)
FRENCH NAIL KITS also on BOGO 50% off sale
4 Nailene (So Natural-short) = $5.99+tax
4 Broadway (Real Life-real short) = $2.99+tax TOENAIL KITS also on BOGO 50% off sale
4 Kiss (Glue On-short) = $6.49+tax

4 Kiss (Express On-EPTN02) = $2.74+tax 4 Sally Hansen base & top coat = $4.49+tax

a little update:
my friend Michelle, who's into photography, decided to do a photo shoot today of RC & Jennifer so she had asked me & Sarah(fellow makeup whore..LOL!) to do their makeup... this is why I got some new stuff today so I can use it for this gig... I will do a post on this as soon as I get a copy of the pictures...

it's also Anwar's birthday today... so we're gonna go to his house to BBQ & drink.... I did my eyes & took pictures so I will do an EOTD/LOTD post as soon as I get the chance to...

oh, & guess what I just found out today?! the MAC pro palette is now available on the MAC website... I forgot how I found out about it as I was too excited to check out the site to see for myself... but when they started doin this is what I wanna know!! was I the last person to find out?? so not cool!! LOL! but hey I'm still super stoked coz the nearest MAC pro store from where I live is about an hour away(Santa Barbara), but woohoo! I no longer have to drive all that far coz I can just order it from it's free S&H with $60/more purchase ya know!!... now that is good news!!
here is my wishlist from MAC right now... I'm not sure when this wish will be fulfilled, but I do hope soon!

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  1. hi! ate here [coz i think i'm logged in as allthingsfab...]

    aba! at magaling k na sa pag-eedit ng pic, i noticed me name na, wala ng aangka, lol! since magaling ka na mag-edit ng pic and it's because of me, [nyahahaha!] padalhan mo ako nung french mani & pedi kit, i would really love to have that, peysyali the toenail kit, this summer, para cute sa mga sandals dabah! wala ung design n gusto mo sa sandals, ung green? sa mags lang kc un... i went to 'therapy' na naman kanina, lol! ay hayun, na-therapy rin ang bulsa, hahaha!


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