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Wednesday, May 13, 2009


**sob sob** my Danny got sent home tonight... awwww... I'm so sad! is it because I didn't vote for him?? awwww... I'm gonna blame myself for this... LOL! this is the first time I predicted the American Idol wrong... I got it right with Carrie Underwood & Taylor Hicks then I stopped watching... I skipped like 2 seasons... I really am shocked though... I really really wanted him to win....
OR Adam..... so, you know what?! it's all good coz he[Adam] is still in the game... now, he has got to win! got to!!!!

nuff o' that... on to some therapeutic stuff... a just did a itty-bitty haul... super tiny you won't even notice this one... LOL!!

I went to Longs last Tuesday after Deion's Dr's appointment to get my Tatay his lotto... so of course, I had to walk by the makeup aisles... duhhhhrr!! gotta check out what's on sale or whatnot... no sale! but I still got a couple of things... I picked up a NYX jumbo e/s pencil in Baby Blue & a Essence of Beauty angled blusher brush... just coz

then I went to CVS after, to return some stuff... & of course I had to... I think you know the rest... I checked out their stuff, but I didn't really see anything that I wanted to get... what caught my attention was the same angle blusher brush that I got from Longs... the one at CVS has a free bonus brush... so I got that & since my friend Chala was workin at the pharmacy that day, she was nice enough to share one of her employee perks... got hooked up with a 30% discount, (I think it was 30, I'm not sure).... shaoooooo!!! thanks Chala! you're the coolest! so I think I might just return the brush to Longs... or not! we'll see


  1. w thanks for the previous post i thought it would be better if i just commented here :P you are so sweet :)

    i dont watch american idol but my sister is so obssesed with adam that its not even funny U_U.

    the color of the nyx jumbo pencil looks amazinggg<3

  2. you know how i do!!! and yes it was 30% hehe


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