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Friday, May 15, 2009


okay okay so we(Lakers) lost... whatevvss!! I don't wanna talk about it okay?!? I don't wanna talk any smack about Houston for game 7 either, coz I think I jinxed game 6 when I posted it on here yesterday... LOL!!

anyhowz, today, I went to the mall real quick... I was on a mission to get one thing & one thing only at MAC... the Fix + (check out my MAC wish list here)... before I went inside Macy's, I told myself that I was only gonna get 2 or 3 items at the most... well, fortunately I forgot my iPhone where I store all my shtuff - wish list, to buy list, to do list, shit list & etc... & the only thing I can remember are a couple of the lipstick shades... you won't be able to remember anything when you're around millions of MAC stuff... LOL! & even if I swatch the eyeshadows & find shades that I like, I still wouldn't get them coz I only like to get the refill pans... the eyeshadows in the original packaging take up so much room & plus I hate the idea of depotting them... it's too much work! the only eyeshadow I'm willing to depot are the Milani ones... those are the easiest! but as I was saying, I didn't remember anything from my wish list except for the fix +, lipsticks & the 217 brush... now, for the lipstick, I asked the MAC girl to show me Angel, I didn't like it, it was too pink & too dark for the nude that I was going for... she showed me a couple of good ones which is Myth & the Viva Glam V... I didn't buy any coz I don't really wear lipstick, I've always been a lipgloss girl... I just wanted to see the shades for when I do the back-2-MAC thing, I know which lipstick to get for free... that's if they let you choose, do they?? I dunno... but as for the 217 brush, I did some good thinking weighing all the factors... haha... sheesh!! I didn't know it could be this difficult to buy a high-end brush... but I told myself that I don't really need it, the brushes that I have, work just as good... I mean someday I will get it but not right now... wow! listen to me! aren't you impressed?? LOL!

you'll be more impressed when you find out what happened next, so read on...

so, after MAC, I hit up the Urban Decay area... & found layin on top of the counter is the Book of Shadows palette... OMG!! I first saw this from my friend Michelle's... she had bought it like a month ago, then left it at her friend's in Canada when she went for a visit... bummer!! but she bought another one... ballinnnn!!! I heard that they have very limited number of palettes goin out for sale... but the UD girl said they got more in stock, she warned me that they go really fast & advised me to get mine now... haha pretty girl, it ain't gon work, that palette is 45 freakin dollahs, donchu know this is Self Control 101!!! LOL! despite the amazing colors I swatched, I fought the temptation... then I moved on to the palette right next to it - the Ammo... ugh!! I want that one!!! & the Deluxe Shadow Box... I will give it a lot of thinking before I jump the wagon... so to conclude my Macy's visit, I walked away from there with only one item in hand... whoa!!! now that is self control!!

okay, what I'm about to tell you is the most boggling... you're about to ask what is goin on?? LOL!! I went to Longs again for my Tatay's lotto & also to take back the brush that I was talkin about on my Danny Gokey post a couple of days ago... I got to return the brush without buying anything else in exchange... mind you, I did look around & I did pick up some stuff like some NYX eyeshadows & a 50% off lipstick from L'Oreal but I put them right back... hahaha, okay, the NYX was self control... but the lipstick, I put it back thinking that I'll just get it from CVS coz I still have a cash card for more than 30 bucks there since I returned a couple of Neutrogena foundations that didn't work out... anyhow, that's still a big progress right!?! **pats back**

til next time chicahs!!


  1. congrats on your self control! :)
    i love the whole back 2 mac idea.. but ive just done it once (well i had to ask my sister that lives in the US to do it for me :P) i asked her to get me saint germain lipstick from the sugar sweet collection assuming it was the perfect barbie pink shade bc everyone was raving about it on the internet ... but once i tried it on it looked awful on me so i like putting a little of concealer on top and blend.. it turns into an amazing pinky nude ... for me at least:P.
    i have a love/hate relashionship with Angel... i find it to be kinda glossy but alot of ppl say its drying .. oh and i always forget what i want to get when im at the mac counter lol its overwhelming sometimes :P

  2. LOL! i know right? I'm glad you feel me abt the MAC counters... & ya, the Angel, I didn't like it, I just found Myth on ebay for a lil cheaper than the regular MAC price... I'm just waiting for it then I'll post it on here...
    with the Saint Germain lippie, I think it's all about how you work it... if you can make it work, then it's all good!! =)


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