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Thursday, May 21, 2009


like I said in my previous post, I've always been a lipgloss girl, never really committed my lips to any lipsticks... but for some reason, lately I've been wanting to get lipsticks... I wanna see if I can start wearing them... I dunno, I guess I'm going through a lipstick phase...

got these lippies from CVS, (from L-R) Sand, Chestnut & Nude Blush... all from Maybelline NY, the red one is from the Moisture Extreme line...

I also got my first ever MAC lipstick in Myth today... yay!!! I bought it from ebay...

here are pictures of the lipstick shades I got... please excuse the low quality shots, I don't have a DLSR... my camera suck! also, please excuse my uglee lips... the very first picture was fine but my lips looked weird on the rest... the outline looks like they're fading... I used baby wipes to wipe the lipstick off, so maybe that has something to do with it? I dunno!

dang! you can see it's all chapped too!! I should start using them therapeutic balms I got... ewww!!

and the swatches...

-texture wise, all of these are very creamy which I like
-I pretty much got the nude shade that I was looking for, except the Chestnut is a little darker, but it's ok, I still like it!
-both the Chestnut & the Sand are pretty sheen, with some tiny shimmers in them... the Nude Blush is matte
-I'm not really feelin the Myth right now, to me it feels creamy yet it looks dry on my lips... I'll be playin with it though, maybe I can rock it with the perfect lip gloss..
-they are pretty cheap... I got the Sand & Chestnut 50% off so they're like 3 sumthin bucks... not bad ey?! I thought the Nude Blush was on sale as well, guess not... that one was around $8 I think!!?? still affordable... the MAC Myth was $11...
-what's great is that they are all very pigmented...
-they don't smell/taste weird

this is all I can say for now... so far so good with the lipstick experimentation... LOL!

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