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Saturday, May 23, 2009


wussup errrbody?? this is just a post on a mini haul from Sally's Beauty Supply Store & Michael's Craft Store....

first off, I went to Sally's & got me the ever so popular
BUMPITS (in black)...
I also got a few of the Sally Girl single eyeshadows... I love these because the colors are very pigmented & simply because you can pick the colors that you like then connect the single eyeshadows to each other... kind of like assembling your own palette like the MAC refill pans only cheaper... oh so very cool!! I got the Green Apple, Blue Marine, Emerald & Turquoisethen I connected them to the first batch that I got a while back... here are the pictures & swatches with & without the flash....

after Sally's, I stopped by Michael's to get a couple of things... I wanted to get a brush roll for when I travel I have something to use to carry all the brushes I need... it's hard to just put it in a pouch bag, they get all over the place, plus it's unsanitary... I wanted something cheap for now but I also wanted to get something a lil fancy later on... so I got this brush set which comes with a black canvas brush case & a variety of 20 paint brushes(nylon)... it's hella cheap so I thought this would be perfect for quick gigs & whatnot! the brushes that it came with could also be used to apply gel eyeliners & also concealers... so for $3.99(sale price), it's a hell of a good deal!

& also, after watching this video on YouTube by VanessaJhaime, I wanted to get the Loew Cornell Brush Cleaning Jar & try it for myself....

& I'm so glad I did, coz this brush cleaner jar thing is awesome!! it makes brush cleaning so much easier & more convenient... I also picked up a couple of replacement pads for later...
so there you have it.... hope y'all have a nice Memorial Day weekend... be safe driving to the beach & wear a lotta sunscreen!!

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