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Wednesday, March 9, 2011


in observance of the lent season, I thought I'd do a post on the things I'm givin up...

last year, I gave up rice & I must say very proudly that it was a success... being Filipino, whose staple food is rice, IT'S VERY HARD not to eat rice... but I did it!! no rice for 40 days!! I believe I lost a few lbs as a result, although that was not my intention... my intention was to give up something that I thought I couldn't live without... the weight loss was just an added bonus.... but this year, I mean business... double purpose baby!!! sacrifice for lent & to lose a few pounds.... LOL

so I am givin up....


I'm not too fond of burgers, I don't really like them but I like to eat french fries every now & then, especially In n Out's & McD's.... & Wendy's chicken nuggets are something that I crave for a lot.... but other than that I don't think it would be that hard to give up on fast food....

wait!!! is pizza considered fast food?? oh hell, now that's something that's kind of hard to avoid since my boys love pizza... uh-oh!!

this, my friends, is what's gonna kill me... I loooooove drinkin soda, Pepsi/Diet Pepsi in particular.... but I think I only drink it when it's there, when it's not, I don't crave for it or anything like that.... "out of sight, out of mind"... so the solution is to not buy them... but the problem is my Dad & the beaufee drinks soda so we include that in the grocery list often times... so I'm screwed!! but that's why it's a test....

I know I can do it!! I already did it before.... but it's gonna be hard!!

so here we go, 40 days & 40 nights.... starting today (Ash Wednesday).... wish me luck!! I'm gonna need it....

do you practice lent??
if so, what are you givin up???
& pretending you do, what would you give up?? 


  1. I'm giving up drinking juice. I really don't like water...but I'm gonna have to live with just drinking that 'til April!

    Good luck with yours! You can do it! :]

  2. I'm giving up junk food..cookies,soda,ice cream-you name it. I can't go a day without my junk food so I figured that would be the best thing to give up.Wish me luck!

  3. Im glad to see there are a lot of us bloggers who are giving up something for lent,,,
    I am giving up BREAD,,, !
    It's going to be sooo hard but I know I can do it.
    Good luck to everyone.

  4. I'm not catholic, but my friends are. Right now my bestfriend Monica is giving up cheeseburgers. She loves cheeseburgers lol

  5. i think i can give up soda ,, and cut down the carbs too

  6. I can manage without soda and pizza (I don't like pizza in the first place), but rice?! That's very impressive. If I don't eat rice, I know I would lose my mind, LOL XD

  7. hey, me too!! i'm giving up rice... and Chos! hahahaah

  8. I'm giving up soda, fast food and Starbucks (the hardest for me lol)

  9. I'm giving up chocolate for lent, wish me luck! everywhere i go there is chocolate, especially at work so this is going to be hard :-(

  10. im giving up shopping/ dining- out so im only using my debit card for groceries, bills, & gas.


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