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Saturday, March 19, 2011


this is supposed to be the last nail color of my St. Patrick's Day nail series but I got really busy on Thursday & totally forgot to post it...

so for my St. Patty's nail #5


Nail Magic Nail Hardener (base coat)
China Glaze Liquid Leather (base color)
Sinful Colors Green Ocean 
Nailene Acrylic Strong (top coat)

3 coats of Liquid Leather

2 coats of Green Ocean
I think two coats was a little bit too much, in my opinion... I shoulda settled for one but I got curious as to how it would look like... I guess it's ok but it's a little bit overkill on the flakies no?

some more crappy pictures... why can't I take a clearer more focused pictures like them other nail bloggers??? I'm so jealous! someone need to show me how dammit!! LOL

now that I got the greens out of the way I can finally move on to the funner Spring colors!! yay!!

hmmm... which color to do next???


  1. thanks for the comment! so sweet of you to say my forehead looks fine. hahaha its too humongous for me! haha my hair's currently layered and i'm super sick of its length but i love long hair -_- so i'm torn

    the lippie i'm wearing in all photos is revlon's pink in the afternoon :)

  2. i love the sinful colors polish, i need to pick it up soon! xx

  3. You have nice hands. I like the way that looks!

  4. Wow! Very pretty! Love Green Ocean over the dark base!

  5. Wow these nails are amazing!

  6. it looks so nice =D
    sometime black can be too harsh on girls but the green glitters just justify it so well. pretty =D

  7. i think it looks really good w/ two coats of the green sparkles. why not have a glitter overkill?! :)


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