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Tuesday, March 8, 2011


remember when Zoya had a 3 free bottle giveaway thru Facebook back in January where their fans get 3 free Zoya nail polishes if they hit 20,000 fans on FB?? well, I finally got mine in February & this is just another delayed post that I still wanna share to you all...

I picked




it also came with this little booklet advertising their products....
it showed all the shades from all the collections...

it also features their newest collection
which shows swatches on color spoons

with flash
(name of shades from top to bottom)

without flash

so basically, I got 3 free bottles of nail polishes that are usually priced at $8 each... I only had to pay for shipping which is like $7 or sumthin like that... so you could imagine my excitement when I heard about this, not only because they were free but because Zoya is one of my most favorite nail polish brands when it comes to quality & ease of application... it's actually on the very top, right next to China Glaze... it's amazing how easy it glides on to your nails & leaves you with a smooth, streak-free finish....

I only own 4 Zoya n/p's so far due to unavailability in my area... but if it's only available to me, I'd probably pick Zoya over O.P.I. .. I find Zoya's easier to apply than O.P.I., just a personal opinion....

(you can see my Zoya BARBIE blog post HERE...)

did you get to enjoy this giveaway from Zoya?? what shades did you order?? 


  1. Great picks!

    I especially love Kelly!

  2. I should've gotten this deal. Boo. I got 2 years ago though...polishes are awesome. ^^ Great color picks!

  3. OMG i got Kelly too!!!!! Love these!!!


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