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Monday, March 28, 2011


so I finally tried out the Maybelline Super Stay Makeup.... 

& here are the pictures after 4 hours of wear..
can you see Mario in the background?? LOL


& the pictures below are after wearing the foundation for 7 hours...

now you can see that my blemishes & dark spots are more visible than before.... but I can say that it's still a pretty good coverage there....

I played with my Barry M Peachy Pink lippie....  
you might disagree but I'm really likin this color on me... =)

anyhoo, first impressions on this foundation,

too sheer for my liking... I had to do two or three layers.. I like full coverage so...

application took longer... it was harder for me to apply because I kept pouring out some more products... 

the shade I'm wearing is the Classic Beige which supposedly is a match for NC30 skin & even though I think it's a good match for my skin tone it still looked ashy on my skin after applying the first two layers.... I guess it oxidizes into the correct shade of my skin?!? huh!?!!

it took a little time blending it in (using my fingers)... I had to keep tapping/pressing the foundation on to ensure that it sticks onto my skin...

it feels light on skin, I wouldn't say "like I'm not wearing any makeup" because I can feel that it's there as my skin feels greasy & sticky after a few hours of wear.... 

the shine on the pictures is probably mostly from the flash, but I can tell you that it does look greasy in person....

that's all I've observed so far... like any other products I review, I'd like to try it a few times before I give it a proper review... just thought I'd try this foundation out & see how I would like it initially.... so far, I'm still in favor of the Fit Me one... =)


  1. what blemishes and dark spots!??

    thank you for the review on this foundation ..I actually want to try a new foundation when I run out of my current one and I appreciation your reviews so much

  2. great review! i do have this foundation and find it a little heavy for my taste since i like my foundations on the sheer side, but it does look lovely on you!

  3. Looks great on you!!! :D I'm glad this one worked out. ^^


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