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Monday, March 7, 2011


since I posted my haul featuring the Fit Me foundation by Maybelline, there has been a lot of people asking me what I think about it... so I decided to try it out & do a review on it.... & while I'm on it, I thought I'd have fun & do a look with mostly Maybelline products... so here it is....


Maybelline Fit Me foundation - 220
MAC Mineralized Skinfinish Natural - Medium
MAC Studio Sculpt concealer - NC30
Bobbi Brown Corrector - Light Bisque
Physician's Formula Magic Mosaic multi-colored bronzer - Light Bronzer
Maybelline Dream Mousse blush - Peach Satin

MAC Paint Pot - Painterly
Maybelline Expert Wear e/s - Chai Latte
Prestige Liquid e/l - Black
Maybelline Lash Stiletto mascara - Soft Black
Wet n Wild Ultimate Brow Kit - Ash Brown

Smith's Rosebud Salve
Rimmel London 1000 Kisses lip liner - Natural
Maybelline l/s - Pink Please

& now for the pics...
I included a lot of close up shots for you to see how the application looks like.... no editting done.... usually, I would erase a few blemishes so instead of you getting distracted with my zits, you can just enjoy the details of the look.. but I dunno if you have noticed, I haven't been editting any of my pictures for a while now.... YAY to better looking, healthier skin.... ***happy dance***
so please feel free to click on any images to enlarge....

at this point I don't wanna deliver the verdict as of yet... I decided if I'm gonna do a review on this product, I wanna try it a couple more times for a proper review.... but this I would tell you (based on today's look), I'm lovin it....

what do you all think?? does it 'FIT ME'?


  1. i've been really wanting to try the fit me line. still looking for more reviews on it to decide. so let us know how you like it. it does look very natural on you! btw, i love rimmel 1000 kisses lipliner in natural. ;)

  2. oh you look so pretty!
    i definitely want to try maybeline fit.
    btw, new follower here! x

  3. Can't wait for your full review. It actually looks pretty good! I'll be interested to hear how it applies, blends, and wears!

  4. I think it does FIT you! I use it also and I'm loving it =)

  5. Fit Me looks wonderful on you! Your skin looks flawless & I love the dewy glow.

    It's one of my drugstore favorites.. I love the texture, the way it looks and feels on the skin, etc. Basically everything I'd look for in a foundation.. except for the fact that it's not very long lasting. That's not too bad though. I wear it a lot during the day when I'm shopping or running errands and it works great.


  6. Glad to hear you are liking the Fit Me foundation (so far). Thanks for featuring it in your look.
    I have that Maybelline eyeshadow palette too and love it! The colors are amazing.

  7. This is a great look for you. I'll say if Fits You perfectly ;)

  8. Oooh the Maybelline quad looks so pretty and pigmented! I have one, I think it's called Designer Chocolates, and I absolutely hate it, it's just so sheer -_-

    I'm interested in Fit Me even though I don't usually wear foundation LOL.

  9. This is such a pretty neutral look1 you look very pretty, as always ;)


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