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Friday, March 11, 2011


I've searched high & low for this gorgeous nail polish & finally, I found it today!!! after checkin at my nearest Walgreens & Rite-Aid for the nth time, I finally gave up & decided to call the, well, the "farthest" Walgreens & Rite-Aid in my town... I had them check if they have the St. Patrick's display for the Sinful Colors... Rite-Aid said no, but Walgreens, Walgreens said YES!!!!! in my excitement, I asked the S.A. right away how many more they have left of the Green Ocean, she said only 2... then quickly I said, "could you possibly hold those 2 for me?" I wasn't sure if drugstores do that but luckily she said yes.... so I picked it up today & I was sooo happy... I was like a little kid that got a DS for Christmas.... LOL

this reminds me of Sally Hansen's Hidden Treasure from this haul post & this NOTW post....

if you still don't know why I went crazy over these last 2 bottles, here's why.....
image borrowed from Enamel Girl

borrowed image from Steph's Closet

image borrowed from The Nailphile

[thanks for loaning your blog pics ladies! =)]

isn't it gorj???? ugh!! I can't get over how pretty it is!! I just hope it wouldn't be hard to apply it as other glittery, flaky nail polishes would.... but whatevs! I guess at $1.99 per bottle, I really have no right to complain... =)

do you have this polish?? is it hard to apply it?? 


  1. I must have!! they sell Hidden Treasure anymore cause I can never find it ?

  2. FUCKKKKKKKKKKK!!!!!!!! I just got back from Walgreens and I was just looking at this but decided not to get it. :( I will have to go get this tommorrow. Luckily my work is across the street from Walgreens.

  3. oh my GOD, i need that sinful color, just saw another post on it today....walgreens needs to be in my route tomorrow, lol

  4. Oooh...I just found it at my Walgreens yesterday and it already went on sale. So I decided to get two since they were only $.99 each. Plus, there were only four now that I've got two there's only two left...LOL

    <33 Rena


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