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Tuesday, March 22, 2011


when my friends Chuck & Michelle went to Europe for their honeymoon in January, Wales was part of their itinerary where they met up with Chuck's cousin, who's also married to my cousin.... anyhoo, to make the long story short, my cousin had asked me if I wanted anything from there... I answered 'HELL YA!" & immediately sent him a list of my UK brands wish list, including pictures just in case he'd get confused... we all know how guys are around the cosmetics department of every store, they have no clue what the difference is between a lipstick & a lip gloss, heck they might not even know those things exist.... so thank G for his wife, she got me the goods!!! 

I didn't ask for much, I just wanted a taste of any UK brand makeup.... 

I asked for a couple of lipsticks from Barry M, a blush from Sleek, a blush from Barry M & the Instant Nail Effects nail polish... but he said the blushes & the n/p I asked for were not available at that time so he would just send it to me thru mail.... shoot!! I was already happy with the things I got... 

ahh... Boots plastic bag... I'm saving that one... hahaha.... you must think I'm a dork, but hey we don't have that here!!! won't you save a Walgreens bag if you don't have that store there??? hahahaha... 

they sent me 2 Barry M lip paints & a lip gloss wand that I think was free if you buy 2 lip paints...

the label on the lip gloss said LE LGW 3, I matched it on the Barry M website & it said lgw3 is called Strawberries & Cream but the picture is different on the website..
click HERE to see what I'm talkin about... isn't that strange?!? but hey, who cares right?!

#52 Shocking Pink & #147 Peachy Pink

#147 Peachy Pink 

no gloss

with a clear gloss 

#52 Shocking Pink

no gloss 

with a clear gloss 

- a little review -

the Peachy Pink is a very pretty light peach color which would be an awesome everyday lip color for spring & summer... 

the Shocking Pink is a very bright neon pink.... something that I wouldn't be caught wearing during the day... well, unless I'm feeling a little crazy... maybe it's something that my alter ego would not mind sportin WHEREVER WHENEVER!! mwahahaha

they're both matte... I won't mind havin a variety of l/s finishes in my collection...

they're both true to color....

no funky scent...

I have really no issues about the packaging other than the name not being on it... it only shows the numbers...

the only drawback I can think of is that it could be very drying... but nothing a good base moisturizer can't fix...

stinkin camera could not capture the real color of the lippie in the tube... no matter how hard I try... different lightings, settings, the camera still couldn't pick up the bright neon hot pink color... these are as close as I can get....
still not close enough.....

but yeah, that was my love package from my cousins in London that my friends brought back here to the States.... I am one happy girl!!! I am kinda glad we don't have access to this brand here, coz I know this is another brand that's not hard to be addicted to... I'm pretty sure I'll be buying every shade they have...

thanks Don & Dee... love ya guys!!


  1. Enjoy your goodies. I love Barry M especially their Dazzle Dusts. xx

  2. that Shocking Pink is cute.. it looks good on you!!

  3. Lucky you! I wish I had a way to get beauty products from the UK. I've been lusting over the Sleek storm palette for ages. That peach color looks lovely on your complexion ~Emily

  4. ENVY on the Pink lipstick ,, thats HOT

  5. Loving the Peachy Pink! Such great goodies. :]

  6. Peachy Pink is really nice and pretty on you =D
    Even shocking pink will be amazing for night out look!

  7. Hi Annette! Ooo that's so nice that you managed to get some Barry M goodies back from your friend's trip. The lipsticks look gorgeous!!! Both of them! I love matte lipsticks - they punch in the colour I need and I can always add moisture to it with lipgloss or something if it's looking a tad bit dry.
    Yes it is strange that the Strawberries and Cream lipgloss is different than it is online...hmmm, they should fix that if it's an error or else some online shopper might be surprised

  8. nude lips are sooo gorgeous! you rocked both colors pretty nicely =)

  9. aww, you are so lucky! i would love to get some UK makeup brands! :D

    <3, Mimi

  10. I love the nude/peach color, it suits you well.


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