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Tuesday, March 8, 2011


I just got home from Rite Aid & was in the mood to blog, so I thought 'why not blog about what I just got?!'.... so here, you'll see my NYC haul, still fresh from the store..... it's not much, I was actually looking for something else but saw that they are havin a BOGO 50% off on NYC, Wet n Wild, Sinful Colors, Revlon stuff... I didn't see anything from the other brands but I have a few things I've been eyein on from the NYC line so I thought I'd finally get them & take advantage of the sale...


Bronzing Face Powder in 720 Sunny
I've seen a lot of makeup gurus & bloggers use this so I wanna give it a try too..

Loose Face Powder in 741 Translucent


what it looks like inside....

both came with cosmetic sponges...

In a New York Color Minute nail polishes in
246 Park Ave & 204B West Village

I must've picked up one that has the old packaging coz the stickers look different... it was the last one there so I just grabbed it...
the Park Ave in the bottle looks like Rimmel's Steel Grey?? or maybe Sephora's OPI Metro Chic???
& then hoping that maybe West Village could kinda resemble MAC Jeanius nail polish in Biker Blue.... I don't own the Biker Blue so I guess I won't find out if they look alike after I swatch it...

but that's it for my quick NYC haul... I didn't spend more than $8 on this haul plus I got all kinds of +Up Reward $1 off coupons... so if you are looking for great deals on NYC, Wet n Wild, Revlon & other stuff, head out to Rite Aid now...


  1. Great haul! Hope to see reviews on your recent NYC items. ^^
    BTW, I think I might just go out on a drug store hunt now. heh heh

  2. Ive been wanting to try NYC's Sunny as well, but can't find it in Canada. I will have to grab it the next time I am in the US.


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