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Sunday, March 20, 2011


so last Thursday I went to Walgreens to check out Sinful Colors & to take advantage of their 2 for $3 sale... I came to a realization that I am officially crazy about Sinful Colors, besides the obvious reasons; the ridiculously cheap price tag & the pretty colors, there are also a huge shade selection & very easy application.... who wouldn't get obsessed right?!??!

well here is a post to show what I got & to show how gorgeous the colors are...

I found a new display there for a new collection that's called POLKA DOTS...

(from L-R)
Pink Forever, Fig, Unicorn, Innocent

Savage, Hazard, Why Not, Nirvana 


Savage dries with a matte finish

swatches were done with two thick coats of each SC polishes on Nailene fake nails... the white french tip is even visible on some of them...

I also bought some of the SC polishes that has been on my wish list for a while now plus a new one (Last Chance) that I've never seen at any Walgreens...

(from L-R)
Boogie Nights, Rise and Shine, Last Chance, Beautiful Girl, Mint Apple

I think I went nail polish buying crazy again... so I think I'm good with nail polish hauls for now... I might be good for the rest of the year unless there's a really really good collection coming out... other than that I'm done with the haulin....

I have a different post about my collection & storage coming up soon but for now, enjoy a little sneaky peaky of how my nail polish collection looks like at the moment... 


  1. Great haul!! I love Fig & Hazard (:

  2. the new sinful colors are all really pretty. Thanks for showing all of them - these are so good and so inexpensive!

  3. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Sinful Colors! I have most of those =)

  4. gosh! I want them all! the colors' just so pretty and spring =D

    just one thing not sure, is sinful color the same as china glaze? their bottles look so alike @_@?

  5. I love sinful, they are cheap and great quality. I can't wait until culinary school is over and I can start to wear polish again!


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