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Wednesday, March 25, 2009


that was what's for dinner last night -- PININYAHANG MANOK (Pineapple Chicken)... my version... hehe... I dunno why I never thought of going to YouTube for cooking recipe before but it was so much easier coz they give you directions firsthand plus viewing it from my iPhone was super convenient coz I can have it right there with me & pause it or rewind it whenever I have to... although there were a lot of versions & it was still confusing, I was able to make the revamped version of Pininyahang Manok... haha... I didn't have the coconut cream/milk, so to give that creamy consistency & to add that little sweet taste that I like, I added a tiny bit of condensed milk & let me tell you, it was da B-O-M-B, da bomb! I'll just let Davi tell you all about it... not to brag, but all I can hear was "mmmm... mmmm..." LOL...

I had to work with a whole chicken that Nanay left coz I haven't gotten the chance to get the ready-to-cook ones from the store yet... so I had to cut it in smaller pieces, it was my first time as you can see from the picture - it's all jacked up! LOL!... told you, Nanay did everything for us... but hey, I'm tryin & it's not too late right?!

and of course I had to make a big ol mess in Nanay's kitchen...

but this made it all easy to clean everything up...

Davi had let them out to the backyard so they can play & run around for a little bit while he plays the never-ending XBOX Call of Duty **ugh**.. I hate that game, I hate any game that takes his attention away from us, especially his kids... I am so gonna sell that stupid XBOX with all the games to Anwar for 50 bucks already... LOL... but anyways, went totally OT here... my boys came back inside with this cute little flower from Nanay's garden... I know! major 'aaaawwwww' right?! they are so sweet!
and they're getting big every minute... =(

here's Deion getting caught red handed while he tried to bust out a ninja move on Nanay's bougainvilleas

tonight's dinner on the other hand, is the Mickey Mouse chicken nuggets from Costco... no pictures for that... I'm pretty sure you can use your imagination with that

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  1. hmmm, looks yum! natakam pati ako, would you believe na in our 6 years r2 sa china, never pa akong nagluto nyang pininyahang manok r2, not that i don't know how but wala akong nakikitang pineapple chunks in can...wala talaga, as in maski sa walmart... hmm, excuses! eh pwede namang fresh pineapple! nyahaha! eh wala rin kcng patis r2! hahaha! o sha!

    bansweet naman ni devean at manlaki talaga! ay si deion, hindi ba hinahanap si kuya A?


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