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Friday, March 20, 2009


I'm about to take a shower right now & go out to do some grocery shopping & pay for store credit card bills, but before I do, I just had to log in real quick & share this to you all...

my Coastal Scents order just came in... woot woot!! it got here hella fast, I ordered it on the 17th & it came today, the 20th... I chose to have it shipped via USPS first class mail which was the cheapest so you figure it wouldn't get here til maybe after 7 business days if not longer... I am so happy!! although it's only a mini haul, I'm in makeup heaven right now... haha.. I'm such a loser I know!!

(from right to left)
Pink Kabuki Brush / Item Total: $4.99
Pink Duo Fiber Powder Stippler / Item Total: $7.95
Pink Blending Fluff Brush / Item Total: $1.99
Sifter Jars 10 gram with Sifter Seal / Item Total: $0.59
Silica Powder Spheres: 1 oz - 28.35 gram / Item Total: $4.00
+ a free sample of eyeshadow in Vintage
I'm mostly excited about the pink Kabuki brush & the Silica Powder... I heard that the Silica Powder is exactly what the Make Up For Ever HD powder was made out of - 100% pure silica powder - I will use it as a finish after my liquid foundation... & the pink Kabuki brush is just awefully cute!! heehee
ok... gotta run now! I have a lotta things to do... see y'all later!

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