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Monday, March 30, 2009


I have a new project... hair extensions!!! LOL! I know?! what the hey right?? well, I just wanted to try it coz it looks like it's fun!

shopped around online & good golly! I never thought it would be so expensive... it ranges from $90-$250 online for the 100% human hair with the clips & the whole enchilada... & you know me, I'm a cheapie! I'm not about to spend hella dollars on Jessica Simpson... so I decided to go to Sally's beauty supply store & found out that I can actually get some human hair & the supplies to make it on my own... so....

& after seeing the human hair weft thingie, I can understand why they price it too high, it looks like 'How It's Made' crew had a hard time getting all the strands of hair together & sewing it together... got this 92 inch wide (12" long) human hair track for about $19 + tax... + about another $20 for the supplies... that's still a good $30-$40 difference with buying the already made ones...
it's probably gonna take a couple of days to give you an update on this... I'm gonna have to find the time to squeeze this project in my busy Mommee/house maker life... nax!

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  1. can't wait to see this on you... baka magulat ung 2 bata, me nakapasok na stranger, lol!


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