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Wednesday, May 26, 2010


no more blah blah's... on with my collective haul for the past couple of weeks...

from Wal-Mart
nail polish remover
PURE ICE n/p French Kiss
PURE ICE n/p Free Spirit

from Target
Revlon Colorburst Lipstick in Carnation BOGOF
Essie Matte About You matte finisher

tried out polishes & the matte finisher real quick...

here are the two PURE ICE n/p's from Wal-Mart, no top coat
index & middle: French Kiss
ring & pinkie: Free Spirit
then applied the Essie Matte About You on the index & ring fingers

to compare the matte finish vs glossy finish
(for some reason this friggin picture keeps coming out sideways... weird! I keep tryina tweak it, but nothing would work... now my shit's all jacked up!!! ugggh!! it irritates me coz I'm so fuggin anal!! hahaha... so you just gotta do some neck exercises with this one... sorry!! LOL)

index & ring fingers have matte finish (topped with Essie Matte About You)
middle & pinkie have glossy finish (topped with Nailene Acrylic Strong topcoat) 

to compare the finishes closely

from Michael's & Fashion Maxx
1/4 Angle Comb painter's brush
Nabi n/p Blue Big Ball = $0.99

look at how thin it is sideways! this is perfect for precise lining...

like I've said in my previous post, I've been in this blue nail polish kick... this caught my eye, so I grabbed it without even thinking twice... I still have to figure out how to use it though...


  1. I love that blue glittery polish, it looks crazy! I love the mint colored polish also, really pretty!

  2. I bought French Kiss a few days ago and LOVED it. I went back and picked up a few more of those Pure Ice polishes. They are great for 2 bucks.

  3. woooow i want a matte nail polish!!

    where did u get em?




    xoxo, Penelope

  4. haii thanks for your comment ..
    i love the blue and the green ..
    and your blog is amazing .. i´m happy that you like our styles ...
    we have translated our blog .. see it yourself ..

    lots of kisses aly


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