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Tuesday, May 18, 2010


just a few minutes earlier I've discovered about this gorgeous matte black nail polish by ManGlaze nail polishes thru Iris' blog - Pimp My Nails... as soon as I saw it I just know I gotta have that n/p!! so I went straight to the website & as I was browsing through it to purchase the featured nail polish - MATTE IS MURDER in Iris' blog, I also got curious about the FUGGEN UGLY shade.. the S&H is the same with or without the FUGGEN UGLY so I figured I might as well get it... so I decided to do my homework, googled this brand for a swatch & I found another interesting blog -- LACQUERIZED by Michèle... & guess what?!? she is givin away these 2 n/p's, MATTE IS MURDER & FUGGEN UGLY.... how awesome is that??? so Imma try my luck on this giveaway first... if not, then I guess Imma have to shell out a lil bit of moolah just to satisfy my nail polish fix, which is by the way gettin out of control!!!!!

anyhoo, her giveaway will end on May21st so go check out her blog now to join & for details on this giveaway!!
Goodluck to me!!! mwahahahaha (evil laugh) just playin girls!! may the best errr lucky girl win!!


  1. hey hun!
    i'm having a blogsale on my blog so please feel free to check it out!! =)

  2. those nail polishes look so hardcore bad ass!! lol I also can't wait for the update on your lush haul! i want to go check out the mint julips lip scrub too now because i'm in love with anything minty chocolate :)

  3. Hi there,

    Great blog, really like it!
    Please have a look at my fashion page too, I would love for you to be a new follower.

    I am also doing a giveaway in the next few days!

    See you soon.


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