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Tuesday, May 11, 2010


ola chicahs!!! how did everybody's weekend go?? sorry for the lack of post... here is to explain why.... just a little order of events over the weekend which I will spread out in separate posts coz I don't want each posts to be too heavy.... 

Friday, May 7th
Jo Koy Live
the FOX Theater
Bakersfield, CA
it was kind of like an early Mother's Day treat for me by the beaufee... I've been wanting to see a Jo Koy show for so long now & we finally found a show that we can go to.... it was the best show ever!! it was worth every penny we spent, infact I won't mind paying more for that show..... it was hilarious!! more on this in the coming posts....

Saturday, May 8th
Universal Studios Hollywood
Los Angeles, CA
the only reason why we went to Universal Studios is because my cousin had her baby's baptism on Sunday, May 9th... so we thought since we're headed that way, we thought we might as well use our annual pass at Universals... we got a 5 day pass & so far we've used only 2 days, we have until November to use it all up... pictures to be included in the up coming posts....

I also got some stuff at LUSH Cosmetics which is located at the City Walk... details of this haul coming up!

& then like I said, Sunday, May 9th
was the baptism in Anaheim


  1. looking forward to your posts!
    lucky u got to go to a jo koy show! i've only seen him on youtube, lol.

    [my blog and x]

  2. Can't wait for your post on KO Joy!

  3. Ooh, he came by here a few months ago, but all his shows were sold out. :[


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