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Wednesday, May 12, 2010


as mentioned, we started our weekend with the Jo Koy show in Bakersfield...

I dunno if you've heard of him, but he is one funny dude!!! I've always loved him but after this show, I decided that he is now my favorite stand up comic.... hands down!! he is geeuuud!!!! the show was awesome!! I haven't laughed like that in years!! I was in tears from too much laughing, I'm not even kidding you!!

if you haven't heard or seen him perform, I've included these video clips from youtube of one of Jo Koy's funniest performance.... it might be a Filipino thing, (being that Jo Koy is half Filipino & half sumthin else!! LOL) I mean I dunno if you'll be able to relate to his jokes, but I think either way, you'll enjoy these "veehjows" (videos - as OG Filipinos would say it)...

****scroll down to find my music player on the left hand side of the page... click pause then hit play to watch these videos****

DON'T MAKE HIM ANGRY (parts I thru VI)

Jo Koy is also on the Chelsea Lately show on Channel E more than twice a week... so check him out there... at the show, he also mentioned that he will have another one hour thingie on Comedy Central but didn't know the exact date yet... LOL... so just watch out for that! also, according to him, the producers of the Cosby Show (& some other big shows he mentioned that I could not remember) is coming out with a new TV sitcom for him... awww... he's blowin up!!! I love it!! I would definitely watch out for that show!

too bad, cameras, both flash & video are not allowed in the theater during the show... so just enjoy these pictures!! =)

here is my FOTD...


Clinique dramatically different moisturizing gel
MUFE HD primer #6
MUFE HD foundation #23
MAC mineralized skinfinish natural Medium
Evian mineral water facial spray

NARS duo - Laguna bronzer/Orgasm blusher

Benefit F.Y...eye! e/s primer
MAC e/s Rice Paper
MAC e/s Star By Night
MAC e/s Carbon
Prestige liquid e/l Black
Urban Decay 24/7 glide-on eye pencil Zero
Smashbox Lash DNA Jet Black
E.L.F. eyebrow kit Dark
E.L.F.wet gloss lash/brow clear mascara/gel

Smith's rosebud salve
Wet n Wild 511B

& a lil bit camwhorin..... in the car on the way to Bakersfield...

with the manfriend in front of the FOX theater....

I wanted to buy a "JOSEP" shirt & get a picture taken with him at the end of the show, but the line was way too long & my feet did not allow me to stand & walk around any more....

these are the shoes I wore that night... I know!! they are high, but I usually don't mind high heels... but what made the torture so much worse is that, without really thinking, I applied some lotion on my feet before putting these shoes on... so the foot bed was slippery as hell!!! as you can see my feet were a bit red & there's like markings that they have experienced nothing but comfort...

so for the tip of the day: "Do not put lotion on your feet right before you slip into your stilettos"

right after the show, we just headed to the car where I changed my shoes... then headed to The Padre Hotel which is located right next to the FOX theater.... it's this classy, very high end hotel that offers a lot of amenities, i.e. fitness center, bar, restaurant, a lounge if you feel like dancin & etc... too bad I got really sick, so we didn't really get to enjoy everything there is to see/do in the hotel... but I had fun! & atleast now we know which hotel to hit up if ever we're in Bakersfield again.... if you happen to be in Bakersfield, do check out the Padre Hotel... you'll love it there!

we ate at Denny's after Padre's.... then stayed at the manfriend's cousin's pad....

leavin you with some of the stuff I used/wore that night..

Steve Madden satchel
from ROSS @ $39.99 + tax
original price tag = $80

post script:
if you are interested in watching a Jo Koy show here is a list of cities where he has upcoming shows... or just visit his website by clicking HERE

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