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Tuesday, May 25, 2010


a few months ago, when I was at Bath & Body Works, I had inquired about the Rose Salve.. the sales associate advised me that the Rose Salve is highly in demand so they barely get them in the store because it's always sold out... they asked me for my info so they can call me whenever they get them in.. I wasn't gonna give them my info coz I wasn't really that interested, besides I just got the Smith's Rosebud Salve from Sephora last month (click HERE to see that post)... I was just curious coz I've heard a lot of people ravin about it... then the girl went on about how she's so crazy about this product & blah blah blah blah blah... damn the art of sales... so I thought -- okay whatever! give them the darn info, they probably won't get them in the store anyway... this was maybe 3 months ago... they just barely called me on Sunday... I totally forgot all about it!!

so this is what I picked up yesterday...
so you ask, "why 3?"... & I answer, I have no clue!! hahaha... when the girl called me, she asked if I wanted all three, apparently I requested for three??? & WHY IN THE HELL WOULD I DO THAT????!?!? I mean it's very possible at that time... but right now, it doesn't really make sense... LOL.. again, she convinced me by saying "well, it's really good to stock up on this because it always sell out really fast... like right now, I only have these three left... also, it's buy 2 get 1 free... you can give them as a gift"... again, curse you sales protocol!!! LOL

I love this product, however I don't think I need all three... one alone can probably last me a whole year, if not longer... so whaddya think about including this in a giveaway??? hmmm... 150 followers??? I'm getting there [YAY!!], so lemme think about other good stuff to giveaway then I'll get back to you on that...

this product has a lot of uses, I mainly use it on my lips... I just apply it as much as I want & I also use this before & after I use a lip scrub.... I use it on my cuticles, before applying nail polish, after removing nail polish & just whenever I remember to do it... I also tried it on the beaufee's arm when he got slightly burned at work... I think the salve helped rush the healing process... I also apply it on my heels & my toesies.. on my knees & elbows... the package also says you can use it on the face, that I haven't tried, but it's believed to be good for blemishes??

a little bit of comparison between the
C.O. BIGELOW Rose Salve (left)
and the
SMITH's Rosebud Salve (right)

they are the exact same size, & contains 0.8 oz / 22 g
when it comes to smell, the C.O. Bigelow has a sweet smell, almost like some kind of pastry... I'm really bad at describing scents but that's what it reminds me of... the Smith's on the other hand has a waxy smell to it.. I woud say almost like a non-scented candle... neither smell bothers me however...

the colors are a little bit different from each other... C.O Bigelow has a pale peachy-pink color while the Smith's has a orangey tint to it.... 

despite the difference in shade, when applied, they both come out clear

they are both Petrolatum based, a substance also contained in Petroleum jellies... compared to the creamier consistency of Petroleum Jellies like the Vaseline brand, the Rosebud Salve is more solid in form.... however, when applied, they have the same feel to it...

C.O. BIGELOW Rose Salve
Petrolatum, Lanolin Oil, Squalane, Flavor (Aroma), Octyldodecanol,Gossypium Herbaceum, (Cotton) Seed Oil, Rosa Canina Fruit Extract, Bisabolol, Jojoba Esters, Red 30 Lake (CI 73360).

$5.50 per tin at Bath & Body Works

SMITH'S Rosebud Salve
A trade secret blend of essential oils (Aromol), Cottonseed Oil in a special Petrolatum base.
$6 a pop at Sephora


  1. LOL you're so funny Annette. Those SA always have a way of sucking us into buy more than we need. Are these sticky?

  2. i love this rosebud salve. great product. :D

  3. I have the bath and body works salve and I feel like it dries my lips out so bad. I have it in my desk drawer for those days when I don't have anything else, but I don't think I would buy it again.

    Maybe I will try the one from Sephora.


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