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Thursday, May 13, 2010


this is my LUSH haul at the Universal City Walk

***click on the item name to see info
(ingredients, reviews & etc) 
on the product at LUSH[dot]com

I only got the 0.320 lb, this was the least they have at the time... I got it for $16.64 @ $52.00/lb...

it looks like a grainy wasabe or maybe guacamole!!

3.3 fl. oz. $8.95
also available in a 8.4 fl.oz bottle for $18.95
I got the smaller version coz this is just for trial... I'm not sure if my skin will like LUSH...

when I walked in there, I asked the girl that helped me for a set that will help with my break outs... so she recommended these 2 first items plus the ENZYMION moisturizer... since I still have a lot of my Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel.. plus for a small tub it's ridiculously expensive so, I decided to just skip this item... I thought, moisturizer is moisturizer! I don't think it'll make a difference if I use this or not... but we'll see!!

BABY FACE CLEANSER 1.2 oz. for $9.95 
this is my favorite one out of all the stuff I got!! the girl said this is a good makeup remover, when she said that, I was sold!! hahaha... according to the website, the base of this soap is made up of stuff that melts & grab hold of makeup & dirt... what I love about this is you don't need water, so you don't even have to be in a bathroom to use this.... click on the link to see directions on how to use this cleanser...

isn't it so cute??? it looks like a face of a chubby baby... hahaha

MINT JULIPS LIP SCRUB 0.8 oz. for $8.95
I love the smell of this stuff... it smells like minty chocolate!

& to give you an idea of how big these items are....

I haven't really tried any of these stuff yet.. but as soon as I do, I'll give you an update or better yet, if my busy life permits, a review!! haha... I'm not promising anything but I shall try!

do you have any of these stuff??
do you girls like LUSH???
what is your favorite LUSH product??


  1. I've never used LUSH products before so am looking forward to your reviews!! Very nice haul.

  2. you got some good stuff here! :D i love their freshly made face masks. especially the love lettuce one. :D

  3. That baby face cleanser is so so cute!! Does it do a good job removing makeup?

  4. I cant wait to see the reviews! Ive been wanting to try lush but dont know what to get.

    Can you put the baby face cleanser on your eyes to remove eye makeup?

  5. nice haul, been hearing a lot of good stuff about the Tea Tree toner.

  6. I love Lush skincare!

    I like the smell of Herbalism, but my faves are Angels on Bare Skin and Dark Angels for a more thorough scrub a couple of times a week. I love Ultra Bland for taking off my make-up at night too!

  7. I do like lush, but I'm not a crazed fan. I like the experience of being in lush more than the products themselves! I've been happy with Dark Angels and Flying Fox before.

  8. I haven't tried much LUSH except for something I won in a give away awhile ago and I liked it :) The toner looks like it's worth a go though!

  9. i love the tea tree water, helped my skin to be refreshed and it also helped on preventing zits.

    i am looking for ocean salt scrub since december last year, until now wala pa rin stock. lush forgot about us. haha!

  10. The Herbalism Cleanser is the only Lush product I've ever tried and I didn't like it. I found it totally messy 0=


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