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Saturday, April 23, 2011


speaking of MUA items, speaking of Graftobian & Camera Ready Cosmetics, I just wanna share the items in the CRC website that I've been lemming for weeks now....

if you are an aspiring makeup artist like me, prepare for some major droolin.... mwahahahaha

from Graftobian...

Hi-Def Glamour cremes are formulated to yield flawless High Definition results whether or not you are in front of the camera. With rich color and coverage yet satin smooth creamy consistency, our Hi-Def Glamour Cremes are a pleasure to work with. Provided in a very attractive package to pull out of your kit on the set to correct for blemishes or for discoloration neutralization purposes.

3 X 4.5 inches = $6.49
This nifty piece of smooth cornered, plate stainless steel is the perfect surface for mixing colors of creme based make-up.

6.5 inches long = $6.49

Shaped and slightly curved on each end. Ideal for scooping product out of containers and for performing various sculpting procedure in clay, wax, etc. One end is spade shaped and slightly curved, the other is rectangular and slightly curved. This tool can be used to mix colors, but the ends are not really flexible. 6.5 inches long.

1.25 oz = $5.49
2 oz = $7.49 
This is the final seal to your airbrush or traditional makeup application. It sets the makeup for longer wear between touch-ups. Keeps shine down. You can airbrush this through your airbrush after your foundation application or just spray with the spray bottle onto the face over your foundation, over body makeup and even on hair to set glitter and tame "fly aways".

from Ben Nye....

1 oz = $4.99
2 oz = $6.99
Apply over any completed makeup for a smudge and water-resistant finish. Final seal keeps makeup in place even on performers who perspire heavily.

from Cinema Secrets...

1 oz = $3.30
4 oz = $13
8 oz = $24
This professional brush cleaner will clean, sanitize, deodorize and condition all makeup brushes. It kills viruses, bacteria and removes all traces of makeup, creams, waxes and powders. Environmentally safe and non-carcinogenic, this cleaner dries with a pleasant Vanilla scent.

from Parian Spirit...
2 oz = $6.50
8 oz = $12
Parian Spirit will help maintain your brushes for a life time. The brush cleaner preferred by professionals. It contains no harsh chemicals. It is made from citrus spirits and food grade solvents, giving it powerful cleaning properties that easily cuts through oil based makeup and adhesives and still gentle to the natural hair bristles of your best brushes. It is also good for cleaning makeup off clothes, table tops, hair and just about anything you can think of. It disinfects and conditions your brushes.

from RCMA...

1 oz = $11.99
This thinner can be used to thin any cream foundation, apply it to your sponge and cream makeup glides on very nicely.

from Kryolan...

Moist-applied compact eye liner in an elegant dispenser. The lasting effect may be enhanced if applied with Cake Eye Liner Sealer.

Available in these colors...

from Face Atelier...

5 fl oz / 15 ml = $25.99
Simply MIRACULOUS & miraculously simple to use. Only Face Atelier has a gel that magically transforms any loose or pressed powder into a pool of easily applied, lasting color that sets and makes a lasting impression.

I am also looking for a cream to cover tattoos... I had a client who had asked me to cover their tat, so I think this would come in handy whenever that certain situation occurs again.... so I wanted to try either


& for the ones that I have duplicates, like the brush cleaners & the setting sprays, I'm only gonna get one of each but still has to decide which ones to get...

I'm gonna need your guys' help, if you have tried any of the following:

Ben Nye Final Seal Matte Sealer
Graftobian Setting Spray
Parian Spirit Brush Cleaner
Cinema Secrets Brush Cleaner
Ben Nye Tattoo Cover
Joe Blasco Tattoo Cover

please help me figure out which ones are better than the other...

please let me know why you like them...

if you still have the products in hand, please advise of the sizes (on the ones that don't have that info)...

& just any info that can help me decide which one to purchase...

also, if you have any tips on how to get discounts or a CRC coupon code, it would greatly help a broke freelancer like me.... coz even yo momma knows how ridiculously expensive these things are... LOL

please please pretty please help!!! =)

I wish I made my orders sooner so I can use some of these great stuff at my first wedding gig on May 2nd...


  1. I have the graftobian setting spray and its freakin amazing! I'm not sure why I haven't done a review on it.

  2. Awesome. Everything is definitely drool worthy. I have a similar setting spray from Ben Nye but have never used it. I will have to remember to test it out this week.

  3. the lilac eyeliner colour looks gorgeous!!

  4. I bought 5 cinema secrets palettes from CRC and I love them but I had the hardest time trying to figure out if I should go graftobian or cinema secrets.

  5. Cool products! Btw, you have a great blog! =)


  6. Hey! I think I fixed the followers problem on my page. Hopefully you can find it now. If not lmk. Sorry about that!

  7. Really nice blog!! :D

    Louise Cecilie //

  8. Fantastic blog-Ill have to try some of these :)

    xx, Jesa

  9. Great prices for these finds of yours. Congratulations on your first gig, very exciting!

  10. great blog! I'm following you now, I love finding new makeup sites to read! here's mine if you're interested -

  11. I don't have any of these... but I def wanna give them a try now! def need some new concealers.

    Come check out my giveaway:

    <3, Mishi

  12. I LOVE this blog! :)
    In the mood for some eye-candy?
    Check this out.


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