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Wednesday, April 6, 2011


my second client was Jessica, a 14 year old girl who's gonna celebrate her 'quinceanera' on April 9th... we did her trial makeup for the event last Saturday.... 

Clinique dramatically different moisturizing gel
MUFE HD primer - #6
Maybelline Fit Me foundation - 220
Revlon PhotoReady foundation - 008 Golden Beige
Bobbi Brown corrector - Light Bisque
MAC Studio Sculpt concealer - NC30
Maybelline Fit Me powder - 220
NARS blush - Desire
NYC bronzer - Sunny
Urban Decay setting spray - All Nighter
Urban Decay primer potion
88 eyeshadow palette - Matte (pinks & brown)
88 eyeshadow palette - Shimmer (pinks & black)
Rimmel London soft kohl eyeliner pencil - Jet Black
MAC fluidline - Blacktrack
CoverGirl LashBlast mascara - Very Black
Wet n Wild ultimate brow kit - Ash Brown
Carmex lip balm
MAC lipstick - Angel
MAC lipgloss - Babied

Jessica wanted her eyes fierce.... she said she loves thick eyeliners & stuff like that....  

I decided to use pinks (even though it might look too matchy matchy with her dress) because I don't wanna take away that innocent, playful look of her age... I don't want her to mature instantly because of her makeup.... 

additional info on the client:
- Jessica is the typical 14 year old who's so shy & sweet... I love how she represents that stage of  being cute & innocent....  
- she loves makeup
- she wants to be a photographer
- she's a typical teenager who's really conscious about her looks... didn't like her freckles, her dimples(why??? I would love to have dimples! I think they're adorable!) just because she gets teased about them, but what I loved about her was that despite all those things she didn't like about her face, atleast she knows one feature she really loves - her lips!! I think that is awesome!! 
- & most importantly, she likes watching Jersey Shore like me!!! yay!! she loves Snookie... =) **fist pumps*** LOL

in action.... 

looking crappy right next to Jessica... dooood!! I double booked on my first day... two gigs on the same day?!!? who wouldn't look like doodoo??? 

one reason why I'm enjoying this whole experience is because I meet people & get to know them in different levels... I think doing what I love to do is now just a plus, I realized that the thing I enjoy mostly is the people I meet.... I know it might be too soon to say coz this is just my second client & all but I am just lovin it!!! =)


  1. She's seriously adorable! And, of course, you did a wonderful job as well! :)

  2. Aw, I love this post. The eyes are amazing! The whole look is lovely. I enjoyed all the pics you put up and great idea with the before and afters. I'm inspired now. I've never done makeup on anyone else before but I'm thinking of calling my sister over to come play makeover with me! LOL

  3. you did an awesome job(:
    it looks beautiful^^

  4. I did a quinceanera's makeup recently, I used a tarte cheek stain over mufe hd and used blush to set it, I swear it lasted over 10 hrs. she looks beautiful !

  5. She is so beautiful, you did a great job!! I love Quinceaneras I wish I had one! ..can you show pictures of the final look -with the dress and all??

    Dimple are so cute, its a shame kids tease kids.. it makes me so angry!
    I use to be teased myself, but I just embrace my imperfects and WORKED IT

  6. Aww... you did an awesome job! great job with the colors :)
    I love doing makeup for quiceaneras! It's soo much fun and they turn out gorgeous!


  7. awwww... thank u so much ladies for all your lovely comments! I'm pretty sure if Jessica sees all your comments she will be so happy... =) I hope you guys don't ever get tired of reading my blog... again, thank you so so much!!! you are all awesome!

  8. Ms. Prettyful Girl - you should call your sister or whoever & play with makeup & do different looks! it's so much fun! =) also it gives you practice doing makeup on other people

  9. @ Sue - thanks so much for the advise! I tried doin that on me with a MUFE microfinish blush then topped it with a powder blush but I didn't really notice how long it lasted on my face... I should observe next time so I know...

  10. @ FOREVER '92 - yes, I am currently workin on getting her photoshoot session posted & I will def post pictures of the day of the event... that is my first big event so I am excited! thanks!! =)

    I love your attitude towards imperfections & stuff like that... like you, I also don't mind about my flaws coz that's what makes us unique... =)

  11. @ Blanca1018♥ - thanks gurl!! do u really?? u should give me some tips & tricks... did u go to school for makeup??


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