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Thursday, April 14, 2011


the weather has been weird for the past few weeks... it would be sunny one day then it would rain the next... or it would be hella cold in the morning but come noon it would be hella hot... or it would just sprinkle out of nowhere.... but it's been nice & sunny these past couple of days.... so this is my {sings} "I can see clearly now the rain is gone...." nail color... =)

Sinful Colors

Seche Base ridge filling base coat
Sinful Colors Why Not nail polish (3 coats)
Nailene Acrylic Strong top coat 

photos in different lightings & settings...

I wanted to add this picture in even though u can barely see the nail polish... I just love color of the flowers... this picture is so Spring.... 
I love Spring!! I love everything colorful.... 

what is/are your Spring nail color/s??


  1. I have been thinking of getting this one,it looks really pretty on you. My favorite this spring is California Coral from Essie =)

  2. The whether is unpredictable where I live too lol
    -this is a pretty color, thank you for sharing (:

  3. The weather has been wacky! So many people are getting sick because of this and it's sooo not good. I haven't found a nice spring-ish color yet, but I'm leaning towards something beige or light pink... love me some pastel colors this season!

  4. Why not? Why yes! Looks really good. Loveee the color!

  5. I am loving this colour. Will definitely be checking it out next time I am in the US.

  6. Such a pretty shade! It's prefect for Spring!

    By the way, John Lloyd was really cute and yes, he was a bit chubby lol


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