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Thursday, June 9, 2011


hola chicasssss!!!! ¿cómo estás¿cómo has estado?... ok, before you find out that I don't really speak Spanish, I'll get on with the post... LOL (btw, Google Translate is awesome no?!)

can you believe I was gone for more than a month??? I ain't gon lie, this happened a buncha times in the past, & it's something I'm not too proud of... but I guess what's important is that I keep coming back.....

let me start off by saying SENTIMOS!! lo siento mucho!! (I'm getting a kick out of this whole Spanish thing... I dunno why!?! haha)... I'm so sorry for being gone for so long, I didn't mean to abandon my blog & my readers.. although, I did think about stopping blogging altogether.... but then I realized even after a while, I was still getting new followers & still getting messages & comments & whatnot from my readers.... & so I thought, some people still appreciate my shtuff, & I love you all for that!!! & to let you all know that I appreciate you all for being there, I decided to come back hoping to deliver some good shit to you all!!

to some people, it might be lack of material, but that's definitely not the case for me, I have LOTS of pending things to blog about... the problem is I have way too much, that it's kinda hard to decide where to start... especially if I wanted to post a subject that's only appropriate for a certain day, & if I missed that day just because I was too lazy or too busy to blog then that certain post is as good as 'spoiled food'...

I guess, I kinda owe you all an explanation as to why I was gone for that long....

the main reason was because I started working again in April, as a dental assistant at a dental office(duh!?! haha)... so from being unemployed for more than 2 years, you can probably imagine how big of an adjustment I have to make... I no longer have the extra time to blog & do makeup for a FOTD, heck I can't even find time to paint my nails so much cut it!! hahaha...

I now give that little extra time I have to my kids... who, by the way, had their birthdays in April... I now have a 7 & a 5 year old boys....

another update is that I have been getting a lot of emails from companies who wanna offer samples for review & their services to my readers.... which is cool right?! I just haven't gotten around to blogging about them but I will, soon! does this also mean 'giveaway'??? yes!! a giveaway is in the works for you all, kind of like a thank you for sticking with me through the drought... so watch out for that....

another thing is that, [besides scrubs] I've been hauling all kinds of stuff while I was away from blogging... so you might see a lot of haul posts...  especially MAC items, I decided to do this 'buy-one-MAC-item-a-week' thing, where I buy one MAC product every week (I decided this is better instead of splurging all at once... I said better but definitely not easier... you'll see why in my upcoming posts about this MAC project)

& lastly, I will be changing my blog URL soon... I wanted to let you know because I dunno whether my follower's access to my blog will be affected by this or not... will you still be able to find me??? do you get directed to the new URL address if you click on my link?? if you know how this works, can you please advise on what I need to do?? do I just change the URL & that's it??? please help!! I am clueless!!

anyhoo, that's about enough bore for now... just wanted to warn you, you will be seeing old shit that was not posted, I hope you guys won't mind overdue crap... "better late than never" is now my new life philosophy... LOL

well, just wanted to say that I'm glad to be back... & I also wanna thank all of my new followers!! & of course all the old ones too!!! thank you all so much for your support... you guys are awesome!! mwah mwah mwah!!
I wanna know what's new with you as well, so please, feel free to leave a comment/update on you, a suggestion on what topic you wanna see on my next entries or just whatever! I also will be spending a little time catching up on blog entries I missed... so I'll see you on the next post!??!

ciao!!! (oh now I'm Italian??) hahaha.... I'm just happy coz


  1. Hi !! I'm glad to see you back. Congrat on your new job --it sucks being unemployed. Can't wait to see some haul post. OMG you have a 5 and 7 year old boys, you look so young !!

    Glad to see you back, and I'm glad you didn't leave for good! ^_^

  2. You're back. :)

    P.S. I changed my URL before and the followers are still there. I only have 12 though. So there's not really much of an impact.


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