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Saturday, January 22, 2011


as requested by one of my readers - Alicia from FunnyFaceBeauty, a swatch of one of the WnW fastdry nail polishes from my last haul....

Wet n Wild Fast Dry nail color
Seche Base ridge filling base coat
WnW fastdry 237C Gray's Anatomy
INM Out The Door top coat 

here are pictures in different lightings...

& some close ups...

I felt like I didn't capture the gorgeousness of this polish just like how it shows in the bottle... & I dunno why it looks hella streaky in pictures, it doesn't really look like that in real life... LOL...

well, there's the first swatch for you... I will be posting pictures of the rest as I wear them in the following days/weeks....

what do you think about this color? love it? hate it?

for me it was just mehh.... I was expecting the duo chrome to show up some more, instead of the green & the purple shade that you see in the packaging, the purple is the only shade visible... I was expecting more like MAC's Clubbin or something awesome like that... it's just aight for me.....


  1. I like it! Next time I see it I'll have to pick one up.


  2. wooooooww i love that color! well colorS haha. thats awesome. i'll definitely pick that up!

  3. Thanks!! It is soo gorgeous and reminds me a lot of one of the new Katy Perry O.P.I colours (this one is prettier).

  4. wow great color ,, i love it ,,
    again ,, envy ur nails =D i wish mine wouldn't grow a mm and then break =(


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