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Thursday, January 13, 2011


another delayed post, is my last haul of the year 2010....

I received my package from Sephora around the third week of December which was the busiest week for me, so I didn't get the chance to post it right away...

mainly, I was gonna get the Urban Decay Naked palette but it wasn't available at that time, so I had to refer to my wish list (see on this post) to see the next items I was lusting on.... so here's what I decided to get....

(or some of them labeled as blushes??)
I got #5 Orange Coral Matte, #60 Navy Blue & #92 Purple

here they are in the individual packaging
aren't the colors so pretty??
#5 Orange Coral Matte
Blush Powder
(matte vibrant coral)
as mentioned in this post, I am still in search for that perfect bright peachy/orangey shade blush, since NARS' Taj Mahal & Illamasqua's Lover were not in stock, I had to look for an alternative... so I found this MUFE color & had a feeling that this shade would work perfectly with my skin tone.... it looks like it's more wearable than the Illamasqua Excite blush, which might be too orange(??)... 

#60 Navy Blue
Eye Shadow
(matte navy blue)
I just love navy blues, I had to get this one...

#92 Purple
Blush Powder
(matte brilliant purple)
the infamous #92 shadow that's both very famous for being such a beautiful shadow & also such a pain in the butt for the stain it leaves on the skin... no matter what they say about this shadow, I knew I had to have it... I've wanted this for as long as I can remember....

here is the back of the packaging which shows the number of the shadow/blush.... what's great about the packaging of these shadows/blushers is that there's no need for depotting... the metal pan pops right out of the single eyeshadow packaging, ready to be placed in any magnetic palette casing....

the size of these shadows/blushers is about twice the size of the regular MAC eyeshadows... I think they're humongous!! here is a picture to show the comparison of the sizes....
the 3 MUFE pans compared to a quarter & a MAC palette refill pan....

here are the swatches without any base or primers...

I also took advantage of a great promo that MUFE is having right now.... if you buy any combination of 3 MUFE eyeshadows, diamond shadows or the powder blushes, you'll get a free 

(holds 10 eyeshadows/blushes)
I was like, "scorrrre!" LOL.... how great is that?? this thing usually costs $20 but they give it to you for free!! I think it's awesome! MAC never have that kind of deal!

this is how the palette looks like inside & with the shadow pans in...

comparing it to the MAC pro refill palette which holds 15 eyeshadow pans....
I can't wait to fill it up with some more MUFE shadows/blushes.... what shades do you recommend???

& last but not the least.... I got the

#2 Sensual Silk
(creamy pinkish beige)
need I say more???

the swatch...

I didn't get much coz I didn't really wanna spend money on cosmetics right now, the main reason why I even shopped at Sephora was just to take advantage of of the $20 gift card that Sephora sent to all VIB members on the first week of December... (good from December 2nd thru the 13th)...

plus I just got a bunch of stuff from the Sephora Friends & Family Sale in November (see haul post HERE).... so I need to slow down... Sephora, please! enough of your emails about discounts & gift cards & all that stuff!! LOL

so I heard Urban Decay Naked palette is now back in stock???? hahaha.... G help me!!!


  1. I've never tried MUFE eyeshadows but those ones look really nice! And don't worry, I think the NAKED palette is actually already out of stock again :)

  2. That lipstick from YSL is so perfect! I've been eyeballing it for months & finally bought it! It looks so good with too faced lip gloss called first time. It's a beautiful balance!


  3. Those are pretty colors! I've got to try them!

  4. ohhhh great stuff =) I really want the naked palette but everytime I try to pick it up its always sold out =( hopefully they have it soon =D

  5. Great blog! I love your style. :)

    Check mine out? Tell me what you think? I'd love your opinion. :)

  6. Great buys. The last time I was in Sephora I wanted to get 3 MUFE shadows to get the free palette but was told they didn't have that promo anymore. I will have to check again next time I am in. Do you know if its just an online thing?
    I love the look of #5 and will probably pick that up at some point. Great blush colour.

  7. omg the YSL packaging is sooo chic! I love it!

  8. I WANT those shadows!! I've never tried MUFE eyeshadows but wow they looks REALLY pigmented!

  9. wow awesome haul. i LOVEEE the ysl lipstick color!

  10. The YSL lipsticks always look so soft and creamy! Just looking at it makes me want to put it on :P

  11. wow!!Great hauls..Love all of them..

    By the way thank you so much for commenting on my post.. I'm using Geo Lens-Geo Angel Grey CM835 in that EOTD..

  12. omg i love ur haul!! i want that ysl lipstick!!


  13. I awarded you the versatile blogger award! :)

  14. i love MUFE ,, great haul ,, envy ,, i haven't done any makeup shopping for a while now ,, =(
    but i did bags shopping haha ,, which i finished all my money for the month on =D
    brb catching up on ur posts hun ,, xx


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