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Monday, January 24, 2011


you all know that I am absolutely inlove & obsessed with YSL's ROUGE VOLUPTÉ lippies, so you could probably imagine how excited I got when I found one of the shades [that I was planning on getting next] on a blog sale!! for hella cheap!!!

so without further ado, I present to you, the newest member of my YSL ROUGE VOLUPTÉ Silky Sensual Radiant Lipstick family


I found this at Lindah's blog sale a couple of weeks ago.... & I bought it for $10 (+ $3.50 s&h)... can you belieh that?!!??!! $10!! $10!!!!!! $10 compared to the regular price of $34.... at first I got too excited about the price that I didn't even bother checkin with her how much was used/left of this item.... I didn't start thinkin that there might be a catch for it to be super cheap until I already paid for it.... but I was more than happy when I received her package last week & saw the condition of the product... I mean look at this
from L-R is my
- #2 Sensual Silk
(from this haul)
which you can see is very much brand new, I haven't even used this thing, I've only swatched it once....
- #8 Fetish Pink
 (from this haul & used on this look)
also fairly new... I've only used it twice
- #13 Peach Passion
you can see that it's about the same amount of product left compared to my two other ones.... so she probably used it atleast two or three times....

isn't that great??? for $10????? am I the luckiest girl or am I the luckiest girl???

here are the swatches of all three [in different lightings]...  

here is the first picture of the happy family... LOL

ahhh... gorgeousness!!!!

this is my very first blog sale purchase & I'm pretty happy with my experience.... it was a very smooth transaction... no problems whatsoever! now all I need to do is sanitize my stuff with this rubbing alcohol & spray bottle that I bought from Target the other day & they'll be ready to use!!!
now, no pun intended to Lindah (or anyone for that matter), I know she looks like a clean, neat & healthy person [& I like her! she seemed super nice from her email..] but this is just a blog sale or second hand cosmetics protocol that we all should be aware of & should be practicing at all times....

Lindah also included some other stuff in the package...

a Korres night cream & a lipstick pencil....

here is the swatch of the lip pencil 
thanks Lindah!!! if I wasn't too broke I would get more of your stuff.... =)

check out Lindah's blog HERE & her blog sale website HERE.... she still has a lot of great stuff that you might be interested in.... 

# 1 Nude Beige & #26 Tender Peach, you are next!!!! mwahahahahahaha **evil laugh**


  1. This is one of my favorites! I haven't used mine in a while, this reminded me to go pull it out of hiding. lol

  2. i LOVE love love these collars :D


  3. Aww the YSL lipsticks all look gorgeous! I can't decide which one is the prettiest LOL!

  4. I recently bought #13 in a blog sale and can't wait to get it and try it out. I also really want to try one of their really plummy colours.

  5. wow those lipsticks are soo pigmented and pretty!!

  6. wow, these look fantastic! Absolutely love the shades and the packaging is so fab. I adore the YSL stuff cos it always looks stunning. The lipstick pencil looks lovely too; perfect girly pink colour :)

  7. Those lipstick shades are amazing. Def Spring calling.

  8. These are gorgeous. I'm not much of a lipstick person so I can't justify spending that much on one lipstick but $10 is def a steal and the packaging is beautiful!

  9. Traditional colors for lips were red, pink and brown, and it can now be found in virtually any colure. The lipstick has been traditionally worn by women. The lipstick is the highlight your face. Thanks for shared your lipstick shades. Really these are gorgeous. I like it.
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  10. I love this lipsticks! I'm such a lipsticks person that I can never get enough.hahaha! Those colors look really nice.

  11. Sensual Silk has been on my wish list since FOREVER! I don't own any YSL lipsticks and heard that the staying power is so-so. What do you think? Also, I'm giving away a Naked Palette on my blog if you're interested. (:



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