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Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Seche Base base coat
Rimmel Lasting Finish Pro - MARINE BLUE
Nailene top coat

I mentioned in my last nail post (click HERE to see post) how much I'm lovin the Rimmel London's Lasting Finish PRO line.... well, let me correct that, I REALLY REALLY LOVE this line of nail polishes from Rimmel... I only own 2 but I think it's safe to say that this is by far the best nail polish ever.... yes, I said it!!! better than China Glaze or O.P.I. people!!!

~ a little review ~

according to the Rimmel London website:
Professional polished perfection for flawless up to ten-day colour and shine. Enriched with micro-sized minerals that fill in imperfections on the nail surface, Lasting Finish Pro Nail Enamel creates a smooth and super glossy finish for up to 10 days of maximum colour impact and shine. Advanced micro formula technology with active time-released system enhances shine over time. It captures and reflects light for colour that shines with dimension. UV fade protection keeps colour true. The formula is ultra flexible and long wearing with superior shock absorption and chip resistance. The Mistake-Free Pro brush features a wide angled brush for a fast and mistake-free professional application. With more than 800 e textured bristles, the brush is designed to adapt to any nail shape and require less strokes to apply, while delivering a super smooth finish and truly streak-free results.

things I love about this n/p:
- the colors...
they are uber vibrant!
- the applicator...
which Rimmel called "Mistake-Free Pro Brush".. (the size of the brush covers almost my entire nail bed)
- super smooth...
I love the way they go on my nails... because of the shape & size of the brush, it allows me to paint my nail in one stroke (or 2) per coat which results in less streaking because I don't have to go over the nails quite as much... so it is
- 100% streak free
- they apply so easily, thin or thick coat!!
 - less time consuming (still because of the shape of the brush applicator)
- they last for days & days....
I applied my nails on January 1st & I still have it on right now... with very minimal chipping, I only have two chippings on the the tips that are not even that visible.... no scratches or anything like that... the packaging claims up to 10 days, well they got that right & more, coz mine's already on day 12 & still in very very good shape...
- the packaging...
is very unique... most n/p's have the traditional rounded bottles but this one is squared shape & is very cute in my opinion
- price...
for $3.99 a pop?? + the frequent discounted tags at drugstores?? not bad at all!! I'd say this is actually very affordable for the quality of this product...

some drawbacks:
- limited colors...
according to the Rimmel London website, there are 32 shades available, but unfortunately not all 32 are available at drugstores... the most I've seen is probably around 12 shades...
- the packaging...
despite the cute look the packaging gives, it makes it hard to roll the bottle pre-application, instead you would need to shake it a bit, which is a big no no in the n/p application book.... but there's always ways around it, what I do is shake it & leave it for about a minute for it to settle & so it wouldn't produce bubbles prior to application.... 
other than that, the packaging does not bother me at all...

I am officially in love with Rimmel London Lasting Finish PRO nail polishes!!!!!!!

next on my list to buy are:
Bare Naked
Steel Grey
(& maybe) Hot Cocoa

do you like this line of nail polish?? what is your favorite shade???

I am not in any way affiliated to Rimmel London....
the items in review were paid for by me...
I was not paid to do this review.....
this is my personal & honest opinion....


  1. I've never tried this line before BUT it looks soo pretty! Your nails are so perfectly shaped too so it makes it look better!

  2. I dig the color! so cute and I love blue!(:

    nice nails btw!

    Happy Wednesday!

  3. I really like this colour and I don't usually like that shade of blue for my nails. I think my local drugstore is having $2.99 sale for those polishes I will need to go in and set some soon.

  4. yeah girl! steel grey is a must!

    but yea, they're not only affordable they're also pretty and the quality is great :) doesn't their wide brush kind of reminds you of OPI's? hehe

  5. i use rimmel and love it, but never tried the polish. i love that marine blue, i may get it this weekend:)


  6. meeeh ,, forget the nail polish ,, u can rock any color from any brand ,, u have pretty n long nails =D lucky girl ,,


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