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Sunday, January 23, 2011


okay ladies, are you ready for the giveaway alert of the century??? I say this because there are tons & tons of amazing giveaways goin on right now.... like literally tons!!

& you don't wanna miss out on these amazing ones... so get your pretty butts ready coz you're gonna be on that laptop for a while! LOL


Just Peachy : 100 Follower Giveaway
ends 1/31/2011

Beautyburg : New Year's Giveaway!
Ends 1/31/2011

ends 1/31/2011

Curves Ahead Makeup : Urban Decay Naked Palette Giveaway
ends 1/31/2011

Adventures in Makeup : Chanel Giveaway
ends 1/31/2011

An Exception to the Rule : 1st Giveaway with MAC & ELF
ends 2/1/2011

Beauty Crazed : Make Up For Ever Giveaway
ends 2/4/2011

Hell Candy Make Up : Two Year Blogiversary Giveaway
ends 2/4/2011

The Glam Shack : Zoya Matte Velvet Collection Giveaway
ends 2/4/2011

Lipgloss Love Affair : Ultimate Urban Decay Naked Palette/Book of Shadows Giveaway
ends 2/7/2011

Painted Tips : Karmin Giveaway
ends 2/11/2011

Starryxuan : 200th Giveaway
ends 2/12/2011

MakeUpJunkie88 : 1st Official Giveaway
 ends 2/13/2011

The PolishAholic : 1000 Followers Giveaway
ends 2/15/2011

Makeup by Claire : 100 Followers Giveaway
ends 2/21/2011

JBREEZY Makeup & What Not? : Birthday Giveaway
ends 2/25/2011

Madiha's Makeup Blog : First MAC & Sedonalace Giveaway
ends 2/28/2011

nothing but great stuff right???

Goodluck to the lucky girls/ladies!!!

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